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    Donald Trump

    • President Donald Trump has ditched a number of planned activities and exhibited intense spurts of anger since his party lost seats in the midterms. He was also widely mocked for missing a World War I memorial event due to rain.
    • Trump has been visibly angry in conversations with the press since the midterms, and reportedly testy with other world leaders. 
    • On Twitter, Trump has mocked French President Emmanuel Macron, the French people's performance during World War II, and attacked the legitimacy of US elections.

    President Donald Trump has ditched a number of planned activities and exhibited intense spurts of anger over the last few weeks as he laments his party's midterm losses and his embarrassment over being mocked for skipping an important World War I memorial in Paris due to light rainfall. 

    Eyeing an incoming Democratic-majority House of Representatives that can subpoena and investigate him at will, "Trump has retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment," the Los Angeles Times reported, citing a number of sources familiar with the president.

    Trump's reported brooding anger coincides with him cancelling a number of his planned presidential outings and activities, while lashing out at allies on Twitter. 

    Trump visibly, palpably angry

    Trump Acosta Intern

    As soon as the midterms passed, Trump began to appear angry in public appearances. Trump held a testy press conference that led to the White House taking press credentials away from Jim Acosta after the CNN anchor challenged Trump on immigration. Trump then dismissed his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and replaced him with Matthew Whitaker — widely seen as a Trump loyalist who has repeatedly questioned the Russia probe. 

    Asked by CNN reporter Abby Phillip if he hoped Whitaker would "rein in" the investigation, a visibly fuming Trump snapped. "What a stupid question that is," said Trump. "You ask a lot of stupid questions."

    As Trump left for Paris over the weekend to meet with other world leaders and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, he was feeling personally insulted by his host, French President Emmanuel Macron.

    Macron has been pushing for "a real European army," and said it would defend Europe against the US, which Trump called "very insulting" before departing for France on Friday.

    Read more: Macron's 'real European army' sounds like a 'nonsense' force that would never deploy

    When UK Prime Minister Theresa May called Trump to congratulate him on Republican wins in the midterms, the president reportedly snapped at her about a variety of unrelated topics, the Washington Post reported.

    "He was frustrated with the trip. And he’s itching to make some changes," a senior White House official told the Post. "This is a week where things could get really dicey."

    Disappointment over the elections preceded the biggest story of Trump's trip to Paris: The fact that he skipped a once-in-a-century chance to honor fallen World War I veterans because of light rainfall.

    The White House blamed the president's no-show on poor visibility conditions which precluded a helicopter flight to the cemetery, and also a desire to not to exacerbate Paris' grinding traffic. Still, Trump seemed unsatisfied with the response.

    After being mocked by former Secretary of State John Kerry, former National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, and perhaps even the French army, Trump once again defended his absence, saying the Secret Service turned him down even though he wanted to attend the memorial

    The rest of his Paris trip didn't go much better. Macron rebuked Trump's nationalist politics to his face during a speech in Paris. The two reportedly had a testy meeting where not much got done and Trump aired old grievances, the Post reported. 

    Trump missing in action

    Unknown Soldier

    On Monday, upon returning from Paris, the White House called an unusually early "lid" at 10:30 a.m. — meaning Trump wouldn't do any more scheduled activities or public appearances for the rest of the day. 

    As a result Trump skipped traveling to Arlington National Cemetery to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a presidential Veterans Day tradition since John F. Kennedy. The French embassy in the US, however, did make the trip

    By the time the lid came into effect, Trump had already attacked the legitimacy of US elections in Florida and floated the possibility of pulling the US out of NATO if his European allies, who he met with the day prior, didn't pay up.

    Trump's NATO-skepticism is old news, as he campaigned on getting NATO allies to spend more on defense, but this round of criticism took on a decidedly personal tone.

    On Tuesday, Trump mocked France's surrender to Nazi Germany in World War II and Macron's low approval ratings while making the vague demand that they pay for NATO "or not!"

    Read more:France's army appears to troll Trump for missing a WWI memorial due to rain

    Vice President Mike Pence, not Trump, is currently touring Asia and will attend large summits populated by the region's top leadership. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, not Trump, will visit US troops stationed at the country's southern border in preparation for the arrival of a caravan of migrants due to arrive in the coming days.

    During the campaign, an energetic Trump traveled the country to campaign for Republicans, sometimes holding more than one rally a day. He made his opposition to this caravan a key point of his campaigning.

    Since the election, where Trump actually didn't fare too badly, he's dropped the subject of the caravan almost entirely. 

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    • An industry report from consultant Johnson Associates earlier this week said stock traders were likely to see a big bump in their year-end bonuses in 2018.
    • Not so fast, said a top equities headhunter, who argues that bonuses for most traders won't come close to that level. 

    Wall Street stock traders got some welcome news Monday.

    A closely watched industry compensation report from consultant Johnson Associates said bonuses were expected to rise across finance, with equities professionals set to reap the largest increases — up 15% to 20% from 2017.

    That would be a breath of fresh air for a business that has been steadily contracting in recent years, including an especially dismal run in 2017 when clients sat on their hands and volatility laid dormant.  

    Not so fast, says a top equities headhunter. 

    Traders banking on 20% increases to their bonus pools may be sorely disappointed, according to David McCormack, founder and CEO of DMC Partners, an equities focused recruiting firm

    "I hate to throw cold water on such compelling analysis but if you read that report and you work in equities, please don’t expect your comp to be up 20%" year over year, McCormack wrote in a LinkedIn post Tuesday. He added that even two of the top performing equities shops, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley, wouldn't beef up bonus pools by 20% "in their wildest dreams."

    What gives? 

    Volatility jolted back to life in 2018 and equities revenues have surged, totalling $34.6 billion through the first three quarters at the top global firms, according to Bloomberg data. That's a 16% increase from the $29.7 billion over the same period in 2017, and a 14% increase from the $30.4 billion reported in the same period in 2016. 

    But there are some caveats to the healthy surface level figures, as the gains weren't evenly spread across banks or equities product lines.

    In earnings calls this year, many banks have called out performance from their derivatives and prime finance teams.

    Some stock trading operations made a killing on the volatility spike in February — especially derivatives teams that were positioned to capitalize on the CBOE Volatility Index spike — as well as from subsequent bouts of market turmoil in March and more recently.

    Hedge funds have also been active, so the business of providing them with loans and other services, known as prime brokerage, has been robust as well. 

    Electronic or algorithmic stock trading has also done well, but that's a commoditized business, McCormack noted, and inherently involves less staff in favor of machines and lines of code.

    Read more: Equity traders are crushing it as big banks celebrate a huge six months

    The gains in traditional stock trading for clients via humans, known as cash equities, have been more measured. That business was up 7% through the first half of the year at the 12 largest firms, compared with 35% for derivatives and 17% for prime, according to the most current data from industry consultant Coalition. 

    This more human-intensive and less sexy equities business line has in recent years been overlooked and underinvested in, which McCormack says has been mistake. 

    "Most banks have made ‘cash’ their red headed step child, which is unfortunate and a mistake as all these high margin businesses – derivs, prime, electronic – only work with a ‘cash’ engine," he said in the post, adding that that if "your client franchise isn’t strong, the other stuff doesn’t perform."

    Some traders will see 20% bumps come bonus time — some even 50%, McCormack said. But that will be highly individualized and specific, rather than a rising tide across the field. For every trader pulling in $1.5 million — the outlier — there are hundreds that will draw $450,000.

    "I believe most people will be disappointed in comp, meaning it will be flat," McCormack wrote. "Flat is the new up, equities will subsidize other business areas this year and that’s the nature of the beast."

    The only area where compensation will be in a "different zip code" is derivatives, and even then "not everyone will benefit."

    And of course, derivatives has been one of the hottest hiring sectors of the year. Many of the star traders who brought in tens of millions in profits during the VIX spike parlayed that performance into a job at a new firm— meaning they likely would have already been well-compensated for the healthy bonus they sacrificed by leaving. 

    See also:

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    prince charles

    • Prince Charles talks about his fondness for red squirrels in a new issue of Country Life that he guest-edited.
    • The Prince of Wales says he lets the "incredibly special creatures" into his home in Scotland and feed them nuts, according to People.
    • Prince William told Country Life that his dad is so "infatuated" with red squirrels that he even names them.
    • Charles is a patron of The Red Squirrel Survival Trust (RSST), a national charity focused on the conversation and protection of red squirrels in the UK.
    • Since the 1950s, the number of red squirrels in the UK has dwindled from around 3.5 million to an estimated 140,000 today.

    Prince Charles has revealed his love of squirrels in a new issue of Country Life that he guest-edited in honor of his 70th birthday on November 14.

    The Prince of Wales is 'infatuated' with red squirrels

    According to Charles, he is particularly fond of the red squirrels that live around Birkhall, an estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, that he inherited from the Queen Mother in 2002.

    "[The squirrels] come into the house at Birkhall and we get them chasing each other round and round inside," he wrote in one article for Country Life, according to People.

    "Sometimes, when I leave my jackets on a chair with nuts in the pockets, I see them with their tails sticking out, as they hunt for nuts," he continued. "They are incredibly special creatures."

    red squirrel prince charles prince william

    Charles has been a longtime advocate for wildlife conservation

    In a separate interview, Prince William told Country Life that his dad is so "completely infatuated" by the animals that he gives them names, in addition to letting them inside Birkhall. 

    William also said Charles' "passion for the environment and natural world" is something he wants to pass on to his three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

    The Prince of Wales has been a patron of The Red Squirrel Survival Trust (RSST), a national charity focused on the conservation and protection of red squirrels in the UK, since 2008.

    According to the RSST, if no action is taken, the red squirrel is in danger of becoming extinct in England within the next 10 years. Since the 1950s, the number of red squirrels in the UK has dwindled from around 3.5 million to an estimated 140,000 today.

    Currently, about 75% of the UK's red squirrel population live in Scotland’s woodlands, parks, and gardens.

    Read more: 22 animals that are in danger of disappearing forever

    A candid video shows an encounter Charles once had with a red squirrel

    Royal fans may remember a clip from 2015 that shows Prince Charles mesmerized by a red squirrel in Scotland.

    In the video, which Clarence House shared on Twitter in honor of Red Squirrel Week, Charles watches, smiling ear to ear, as a squirrel comes through an open door into the house he's in.

    "So funny, these creatures, they really do make me laugh," the prince says.

    "They're very naughty," Charles continues. He adds, breaking into laughter as the squirrel starts eating a nut, "It's like people collecting strawberries or raspberries. They always stop to have one or two."

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    NES Classic Edition, Super NES Classic Edition, PlayStation 1 Classic

    Which adorable little console will you take home this holiday? That's the question that Nintendo and Sony are asking shoppers this year with their triple threat of nostalgia-laced retro console offerings.

    Perhaps you've already got your hands on the two tiny Nintendo consoles, and are simply looking to complete the retro collection with Sony's upcoming PlayStation Classic? Or maybe you've yet to purchase any of these delightfully petite little guys!

    Whatever the situation, we've got the full rundown on all three right here:

    SEE ALSO: A $100 mini version of the original PlayStation is on the way with 20 games packed in — here are the games included

    First things first: Some universal qualities about all of these retro consoles that you should expect across the board.

    1. Every console on this list is small — as in "so small it literally fits in your hand."
    2. Every console on this list comes with games built-in — you don't buy cartridges or discs and put them inside, as you would with the original versions of each. 
    3. More to the point: None of the consoles below will even read cartridges and discs.
    4. None of the consoles below work with original hardware, like gamepads or AC adapters or anything else. They all use updated lookalikes of original hardware that aren't compatible with stuff from 20 - 30 years ago.
    5. Each console has a static, unchanging list of games packed in.  You can't add more.
    6. None of these consoles cost over $100.

    All that said, let's get down to business!

    1. NES Classic Edition — a miniaturized version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

    Over 30 years ago, Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System. In 2018, it re-released a miniature, digital version of the classic console: the NES Classic Edition (seen above).

    The adorable little box is reminiscent of the original NES from 1985, but it's far smaller — as seen above, it fits in the palm of your hand.

    The NES Classic Edition originally launched in late 2016, quickly selling out and becoming a hot commodity. Nintendo discontinued the console a few months later, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere. Then, earlier this year, Nintendo re-released the mini console — it's now kept in ongoing production, and is relatively easy to find in stores.

    At just $60, the NES Classic Edition is in impulse-buy territory.

    Price: $60

    What's in the box:

    -The console itself
    -One wired NES-style gamepad
    -One HDMI cable
    -One AC power adapter


    -30 classic NES games
    -Save states (the ability to pause and save any game at any time)
    -Customizable borders and different screen resolution options (NES games weren't meant for large, high-definition TVs)

    Looking for even more? Here's a full rundown on the NES Classic Edition!

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • Some of Sears' creditors are urging the company to liquidate and close all its stores.
    • ESL Investments, the hedge fund led by Sears chairman Eddie Lampert, called the creditors' demands "highly aggressive" in a new bankruptcy filing. 
    • ESL lambasts David Simon, CEO of Simon Property Group, for his remarks during an October earnings call, in which he said the company would "make money" off Sears' bankruptcy.
    • "Indeed, Sears' liquidation will be a 'unique opportunity' to improve Simon's bottom line," the filing reads. 

    Some of Sears' creditors have urged the company to immediately liquidate and close all its stores.

    Now ESL Investments, the hedge fund led by Sears chairman Eddie Lampert, is hitting back, calling the creditors' demands "highly aggressive" and accusing them of trying to profit off Sears' demise. 

    In a bankruptcy filing late Tuesday, ESL said liquidating would force tens of thousands of employees to lose their jobs.

    "How can it be that liquidation is advocated so quickly...?" the filing by ESL reads. "It appears that the explanation may be that two of the UCC's members, Simon Property Group and Brixmor Property Group are landlords of many Sears stores, both of which have a vested interest in seeing Sears liquidate without regard to the interests of Sears’ other stakeholders."

    ESL then lambasts David Simon, CEO of Simon Property Group, for his remarks during an October earnings call in which he said the company would "make money" off Sears' bankruptcy.

    "Indeed, Sears' liquidation will be a 'unique opportunity' to improve Simon’s bottom line," the filing reads. 

    Read more: Creditors urge Sears to shut down all its stores, calling its plan for survival 'wishful thinking'

    Sears has proposed cutting its store count to roughly 400 profitable stores, then selling the associated real estate to raise cash while the company works to return to profitability. The company had 687 stores when it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in mid-October.

    The group of creditors who urged Sears to liquidate said in a filing on Friday that Sears' plan to survive bankruptcy is "nothing more than wishful thinking" and "an unjustified and foolhardy gamble with other people's money."

    Assuming Sears sells the remaining stores within three months, the company could burn through about $375 million, the filing reads.

    "By contrast, pursuing [going-out-of-business] sales for all of [Sears'] stores during the same time period may maximize the value of [Sears'] estates," it continues.

    SEE ALSO: Eddie Lampert steered Sears into bankruptcy, but he's found ways to gain if it sinks

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    wreck it ralph 2

    Warning: There are minor spoilers below for "Ralph Breaks the Internet."

    "Ralph Breaks the Internet," the sequel to Disney's 2012 hit, "Wreck-It Ralph," is in theaters later this month and it's a sequel worthy of the original. 

    Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) are back. This time around, the two best friends head to the web to find eBay in order to replace a broken steering wheel for Vanellope's arcade game, "Sugar Rush." If they don't, her arcade game is going to be scrapped for parts. 

    INSIDER previewed the movie early and, while it may not make you as emotional as the first film, it's a must-see for the amount of cameos it includes, two fun end-credits scenes, and plenty of well-earned laughs for both kids and adults. 

    Why to see it: The original cast is back with notable additions from "Wonder Woman" star Gal Gadot and "Empire's" Taraji P. Henson.

    Wreck It Ralph 2 Ralph Breaks the Internet Disney movie

    It's easy to be wary of Disney or Pixar sequels that look like instant cash grabs. (Do you remember "Pocahontas ll" fondly? How about "Cars 2"?) I went into "Ralph Breaks the Internet," which changed its name from the very long-winded "Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2." earlier this year, with the same hesitation because it's the sort of Disney movie which doesn't warrant a sequel. It's fine on its own. 

    While at NYCC, directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, who worked on the first film, said they knew diving into a sequel could "slide into 'Jaws 2' territory" pretty quick, but they saw a lot of potential for comedy in sending Ralph and Vanellope to the internet. And they weren't lying.

    The original cast of "Wreck-It Ralph" return along with a handful of new faces. There are also many, many surprises (other than the Disney princesses who have been teased in marketing for the film).

    What's hot: Several new characters, including Gal Gadot's Shank, the Disney princesses and other cameos, and Vanellope's snarky attitude. 

    "Ralph Breaks the Internet" is two hours long (including credits), but it never feels it. The animated film is fast-paced and keeps the plot moving along very quickly, like someone surfing the web from one website to the next. 

    I was mostly worried the sequel would rely too heavily on a popular clip released to get butts in seats. You've probably seen the scene. It includes Vanellope meeting all of the other Disney princesses. 

    disney princess wreck it ralph

    While it's definitely a highlight of the film, and the princess group appears more than onc, "Wreck-It Ralph 2" doesn't need them to carry the film. There are plenty of other unexpected cameos I won't spoil here along with so many other new, fun characters. So while the princesses will be a topic of discussion after the movie's over, it's not the only thing that will be fresh in your mind. Audiences are going to spend a lot of time trying to spot all of the video game characters and other Disney-owned characters who make appearances. 

    Similarly, Moore and Johnston bring the internet to life in a way that will make you try to see every real-world reference embedded in the film. Some of them are nods to real places like eBay and Amazon, but others are mashups of real entities like BuzzzTube (a combination of Buzzfeed and YouTube). 

    It could have been very easy for the film to collapse in on itself with a very meta reference to a popular Disney site that appears in the film (OhMyDisney). It's a little bit eye roll-worthy since it's shameless self promotion not only for its site, but also for many of its brands; however, it's done so well that it actually makes you want to see Disney's many characters collaborate more.

    ohmydisney wreck it ralph

    If you're bothered by the obvious Disney tie-in, the movie has a lot of sharp and witty social commentary not only on how the internet is used, but on things like clickbait, the dark web, and viral videos. It makes it pretty tough to do anything but laugh along with how Disney aptly points out our daily habits — often on the nose. Ralph and Vanellope both deliver many of these big laughs as they navigate the foreign landscape of the web. 

    Many of the new characters they come across are also a welcome addition. The main highlight is Gal Gadot's Shank, a queen of the street-racing road. She instantly becomes a role-model figure for feisty racer Vanellope. Shank instantly brings Gadot's "Fast and Furious" character, Gisele, to mind. Her crew and the video game they're a part of resemble something out of "Mad Max: Fury Road."

    shank group ralph breaks the internet

    Alan Tudyk, who's quickly becoming Disney's good luck charm with cameos in every Disney animated film since Wreck-It Ralph (watch out John Ratzenberger), plays a delightful personified version of Google search called KnowsMore. You've probably seen him in trailers. Fun fact: He played King Candy in the first "Wreck-it Ralph." 

    knowsmore ralph breaks the internet

    Taraji P. Henson's Yesss is a standout as head algorithm of a trend-making website. Fix-It Felix Jr. (Jack McBrayer) and Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) also have a fun subplot revisited throughout the movie when they adopt a bunch of kids.

    yesss taraji p henson

    One thing I kept wondering while watching was whether or not Disney will release some of these games for people to play. I'd love to see a real-life version of Shank's game, "Slaughter Race." After the first movie was released, Disney released an app featuring mobile games shown in the film, including "Fix-It Felix." The game must have been popular because you can still find it in arcades. 

    What's not: The predictability and a moment where the movie may have jumped the shark.

    There isn't a lot to dislike here, but "Ralph Breaks the Internet" is a pretty predictable movie. That's not a bad thing, but it's the very reason I can't say the sequel is better than the original film. 

    ralph breaks internet

    In the original, the reveal of King Candy is both a difficult one and heartbreaking reveal to top. If you're an adult paying attention throughout this film, there are so many hints dropped to let you know where the final act of the movie is going. That's where the film lost me for a little. 

    I enjoyed every moment of this sequel up until the final leg when a pivotal moment occurs with Ralph. For a good few minutes, the light comedy takes a dark turn and feels like a mini-horror movie. The resulting end message is valuable to show how toxic a relationship or friendship can become when there aren't some boundaries, but the road to getting there is a little bumpy and creepy. Even in the film's art book, which INSIDER received a copy of, the directors refer to the reveal of a character as "gross" and "grotesque." 

    Overall: See this one with the family over the holidays.

    If you have to choose between this and "The Grinch," go with Disney. Nothing against Universal's animated film, which is fine, but "Ralph" has more frequent, larger laughs, a lot of cameos kids — and adults — will love, and a solid message for how friendships evolve over time. 

    Don't forget to stay through the credits until the very, very end for a fun scene which should make you giggle. 

    Grade: A-

    "Ralph Breaks the Internet" is in theaters Wednesday, November 21. Watch a trailer below. 

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    Google Pixel 3

    Google's "Night Sight" feature for its Pixel smartphone cameras rolls out on Wednesday.

    The feature that comes with the Pixel's camera app is rolling out over the next few days, and anyone with a Pixel 3, Pixel 2, or original Pixel can update the camera app to receive the feature.

    Night Sight is designed to take better photos in low-light conditions for both the rear and selfie cameras, which most phones simply don't do that well. 

    Often, smartphone photos in dark situations end up being as dark or darker than a user's environment. Some phones let you adjust the camera settings for better night shots, but the results can often be grainy or blurry.

    I've been using Night Sight on the Google Pixel, and you can see the difference it makes and how it works below:

    SEE ALSO: Google finally confirms something people have long suspected — dark mode on Android phones saves battery life

    This photo was taken in a room with very little light.


    The camera app will even suggest when to use Night Sight when the surrounding lighting is too dim for a good photo.

    You just need one or two extra taps to use Night Sight.

    Night Sight is an entirely different camera mode, which means you'll need to do one or two extra taps to use it. You can either tap the "Try Night Sight" notification when it shows up, or find the "More" option in the camera app and actively select the Night Sight mode.

    It's not as seamless as pulling out a phone and taking a snap, but it's very close, and better than adjusting the camera settings.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Jack Dorsey Square IPO

    • Payments business Square announced Wednesday it would add benefit offerings to its payroll platform.
    • This will allow small businesses to give employees access to benefits like health insurance and retirement savings.
    • This can reduce businesses' payroll tax burden, and after one-time enrollment, it will automatically factor benefits into the payroll.

    For small businesses, it can be difficult to offer employees benefits, but now Square is making it easier.

    On Wednesday, Square announced employee benefit offerings with Square Payroll, which allows small businesses to give their employees access to benefits like health insurance, retirement savings, pre-tax spending, and workers' compensation.

    "We believe everyone should have access to great benefits and the financial security that comes with it," said Caroline Hollis, head of Square Payroll.

    Square surveyed businesses on what to add the Square Payroll, and businesses agreed that adding benefits is one of the most difficult parts. Businesses can face some red tape when it comes to benefits, but by offering benefits, this can help reduce businesses' payroll tax burden.

    "We've heard again and again from sellers what a pain point payroll is," said Alyssa Henry, seller lead at Square. "We've heard that many of them are doing it on paper or avoiding taxes."

    On Square Payroll, business owners can select benefits that fit their budgets, and after they enroll, the benefits will automatically sync with the payroll. And they can access payroll information such as benefits enrollments and contributions on a dashboard.

    Read more: Square, the $30 billion payments company, is finally launching the futuristic cash register it's dreamed of since day one

    To make these benefits possible, Square Payroll partnered with companies like SimplyInsured, Guideline 401(k), Alice, and AP Intego.

    Square Payroll, which includes features such as tax calculations, payments, and filings, became available nationwide earlier this month. Square launched Payroll after surveying businesses and hearing that managing payroll is one of the most complicated and stressful parts of running a business.

    Just last month, Square also launched the Square Terminal, a portable, all-in-one card processing device also designed for small businesses.

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    • Tired of the lack of diversity in the beauty industry and YouTube community, Jackie Aina started her own channel in 2009.
    • She now has over 2.7 million followers on the platform, which she has often used to talk about the need for inclusivity in makeup.
    • This year, she partnered with the brand Too Faced Cosmetics to expand their Born This Way foundation line.
    • In the video above, we caught up with Aina in New York City to chat about the importance of diversity in beauty and the progress she's seen since she started nine years ago.

    Following is a transcript of the video:

    Jackie Aina: A big part of my channel has always been empowering women of color. It's your girl Jackie Aina. Thank you so much for joining me on today's video.

    [Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie...]

    I would go to makeup counters and one, they'd be frantic. "Oh my God, the black girl's here. What do we do?" Or they would just like, "Oh no, we don't have anything for you." Or "I wouldn't do that on your complexion." It was always like being the other. I always felt like I was an 'other' box at the makeup counter.

    And it was so annoying and so frustrating that I was like, "You know what, I'm just gonna do this stuff myself and then I'll just show people how to do it on YouTube." I'm gonna apply that just directly on my eyelid.

    People were like "Oh my god, like who's this black girl? This dark-skinned girl, like she wears color, she wears nude lips, she wears all the trends that we never see on people that look like us," you know.

    Maybe everyone's gonna have a different opinion on this, but you have to get to where you wanna be first before you can really shake the table, right? So I would talk about it, I was very vocal, but also very mindful. I still wanna have a relationship with brands. I still wanna grow my platform. And the day that I get untouchable basically is when you'll really hear it from me. That's when I will really like use my platform in the way that I really want to, you know.

    [Just don't appreciate the blatant erasure of like a whole spectrum of people. Like it doesn't even look like they tried.]

    I believe if you're gonna for example, critique brands or you know, talk about the negatives, I think you should also be uplifting black-owned businesses, you know, talking about other minority-owned businesses, you know.

    [I'm going to be doing a full face using Muslim-owned beauty brands.]

    To me it's like, I have to kinda sandwich the positive with the negative because ultimately that's the goal is to have more people in positions that look like me, you know, filling seats, working for brands, becoming influencers themselves, being voices that need to be heard, starting businesses.

    I don't want to call out everything. I don't feel like I need to be the attack dog of every single incident that takes place online, you know. It's also something that a lot of black women can relate to because people look to us to kind of be like the savior of everything, and it's like this isn't something that we can carry on our backs all the time. Like, we need to collectively as a community, be able to say "Look, this is not okay, this is wrong."

    With respect to the conversation of diversity, this is what's so ironic about the topic now because a lot of people like to say that I kind of talk about diversity as like a marketing ploy, and I'm like, if you only knew, five, even six, not that long ago, I was the one that was being told "Don't talk about that, it's too niche, it's too specific, white people can't relate to that. Lighter people can't relate to that. Asian people can't relate to that." These are things that brands will tell me. I was turned down by management companies because they wouldn't want to take on my brand, because they just didn't see the vision. They just didn't see the vision. It's like, "what's with this diversity thing?" like you know.

    [Today we're going to be talking about my favorite foundation line for women of color.]

    Of course there's more to talk about than just that. That's not the only thing that my platform is about, but the struggles of colorism don't just affect the black community. They affect the Latin community. They affect Asian communities. They affect Natives. It's something that a lot of people can relate to, as it relates to makeup. Mind you, this is still a makeup channel. So it's like, you know, even though you don't wear the same foundation as me. It doesn't mean you can't enjoy my videos.

    [You can handle the dew. Like I don't think I'm ready for this jelly. Now it does, however.]

    It's crazy seeing now the people that look like me are finally getting a chance to break those glass ceilings and actually grow past a certain number on YouTube. Whereas five years ago, it was not happening. I think that a lot of the work and vocalizing that people of color have done on YouTube and social media in general, like I see viral tweets on Twitter all the time of people being like "This is unacceptable" from these brands, you know with these foundation shade ranges, and just their diversity and their brands in general.

    All it takes is one Instagram post for a brand to show their new launch, and God forbid it doesn't run darker than like, you know, tan. People will come for them. And brands see that and they've come to understand "Like, okay, we can't we can't let this slide anymore. We need to make more people visible." And I'm not even just talking about as it relates to color. I mean this could also relate to having Muslims in your campaign. You know, I love what Fenty did with having you know, women actually in hijabs in their campaigns. Seeing someone that looks like you is powerful. That to me is a direct reflection of like I'm accepted, I am beautiful. I'm worthy of being seen.

    I actually got reached out by Jerrod Blandino, who at the time was the owner of Too Faced, 'cause now it's an Estee brand. He sat me down in a office with like all his team. And basically was like, "We have not been doing very good justice to a particular community with our foundations and we want you to expand the Born This Way line and like be the face of it." And I was like "Wow." At that time, no one had ever done a campaign like that. You know, it really took me aback because I think it also reminded me of those earlier days in my career of hearing that "This diversity thing is going to get you nowhere." And so it was kind of like a full circle moment for me.

    [It's finally here. Oh my god.]

    And I'm so glad that now the conversation has gone from "Ugh don't talk about that diversity thing anymore," to now like, everybody's stepping it up.

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    iPhone XR

    • Apple's iPhone revenue grew 18% in 2018, as a higher average selling price offset flat unit growth.
    • A handful of iPhone suppliers recently cut their outlooks, citing weaker smartphone demand.
    • These iPhone supplier's guidance cuts suggest a 5% drop in 2019 iPhone unit sales, which is larger than the price increase, Guggenheim says.
    • Watch Apple trade live.

    Apple's eye-popping iPhone revenue growth has been mainly driven by higher average selling prices (ASPs), but that setup is no longer enough to offset waning demand, according to one Wall Street analyst.

    "Whereas a year ago Apple looked like a table-pounder when iPhone units were weak but about to be more than offset by a big jump in average selling prices (+17%Y/Y in FY18), which ultimately drove Apple’s best iPhone revenue growth in 3 years,"Robert Cihra, an analyst at Guggenheim, said in a note distributed on Wednesday.

    "Over the past 10 years, Apple’s iPhone ASP has increased a dramatic + $220, or 40%, reflecting its growing value to both consumer and business markets, but nearly HALF of all that just came in FY18 alone, making a period of digestion now likely."

    And recent news around weaker smartphone demand has backed up Cihra's conclusion. 

    On Monday, Lumentum, the main supplier of the Face ID technology in Apple's latest generation of iPhones, slashed its outlook, citing a reduced shipment request from one of its biggest customers. And on Tuesday, Qorvo, which supplies radio-frequency chips to Apple, also cut its guidance, citing a drop in demand for flagship smartphonesSimilarly, a handful of other  iPhone suppliers, such as screen maker Japan Display and British chipmaker IQE Plc, also lowered their forecasts this week. None of the companies specifically named Apple as the culprit.

    Considering the guidance cuts, Cihra estimates that iPhone unit sales will slide 5% annually during the fiscal year 2019, but that its blended iPhone ASPs will only increase 3% year-over-year, leaving a 2% iPhone revenue gap. According to Apple's annual filing, its iPhone unit sales were flat in 2018, but total iPhone revenues were up 18% thanks to the jump in its ASPs. 

    "Moreover, we see growing risk of even softer iPhone unit demand, with downside in China, India and other emerging markets, where Apple may need to start considering lower price points,"Cihra added. He downgraded Apple to "neutral" and removed his prior $245 price target.

    Similarly, Goldman Sachs on Tuesday trimmed its iPhone unit sales estimate by 6%, and cut its price target from $222 to $209 - 8% above where shares were trading Tuesday. The bank's analysts noted "end demand for new iPhone models is deteriorating.

    Earlier this month, Apple reported underwhelming third-quarter iPhone sales, and said it would no longer reveal unit sales for its hardware. Shares have fallen 15% since the report, pushing Apple's market capitalization below $1 trillion.

    Apple was up 9.6% this year.

    Now read:


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    santa dress

    • Target is selling knit dresses that are inspired by ugly holiday sweaters.
    • Each dress is sold in at least six sizes, XS through XXL, and select styles are also sold in sizes 1X through 3X. 
    • Most of the dresses are sized according to the brand's Juniors range, but, according to Target, some are comparable to a limited range of adult sizes.
    • They range in price from $32.99 to $39.99.
    • There are currently 11 styles available on the Target website, including dresses inspired by candy canes, snowmen, and elves.

    Ugly holiday sweaters have been around for decades, but the style has become especially trendy since the early 2000s. This year, however, Target is putting a new twist on the holiday tradition.

    Available online and in stores, the retailer is selling a variety of knit dresses inspired by ugly holiday sweaters. 

    snowman dress

    There are currently 11 styles available on Target's website

    Each one is inspired by a different holiday classic, such as snowmen, elves, and candy canes. 

    Elf dress

    Depending on the size, each dress ranges in price from $32.99 to $39.99

    Each dress is sold in at least six sizes, XS through XXL, and select styles are also sold in sizes 1X through 3X. Most of the dresses, however, are sized according to the brand's Juniors range.

    holiday dress

    Read more: Target is selling a $15 Advent calendar that comes with 12 pairs of socks inspired by iconic Disney princesses and villains

    candy cane dress

    According to the Target website, "Juniors' size 9/M is equivalent to Women's size 6/S." Because the dresses are made by different brands, however, the Juniors' sizing may not fit the limited range of adult sizes they are said to equate to.Gingerbread dress

    Most of the dresses are inspired by Christmas

    Of the 11 sweater dresses currently being sold on Target's website, nine of them appear to be inspired by Christmas, such as a gingerbread dress, a Santa dress, and two different toy-solider inspired styles.

    toy soldier dress

    Some of the Christmas dresses even light up, like the cozy fireplace dress

    fireplace dress

    For those who do not celebrate Christmas, there appear to be two other festive options

    A Hanukkah-inspired dress is available, as well as a snowman style that will work throughout the winter season. 

    Holiday dress

    Certain styles appear to be selling out quick

    The Christmas-tree-inspired dress, for example, has one size left in a medium, but is available in large and XL at the time of this post. 

    Christmas Tree Dress

    You can find the dresses that are still available on Target's website here

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    elon musk

    • Tesla is known for its high rate of executive turnover, and this year has been no different.
    • During a year in which the automaker has faced production issues, investigations from the federal government, and questions about the decision-making of CEO Elon Musk, departures from senior employees have added yet another challenge. 
    • Seven senior employees appear to have left Tesla since the beginning of September.

    Tesla has seen a lot of executives leave this year. 

    During a year in which the automaker has faced production issues, investigations from the federal government, and questions about the decision-making of CEO Elon Musk, departures from senior employees have added yet another challenge. 

    Read more: Tesla is getting rid of a perk new Model S and Model X customers loved

    Seven senior employees appear to have left Tesla since the beginning of September: senior director of production and quality Antoin Abou-Haydar, head of human resources Gabrielle Toledano, chief accountant Dave Morton, head of communications Sarah O'Brien (her departure was announced in August, but her final day at the company was September 7, according to Bloomberg), vice president of global supply management Liam O'Connor, vice president of worldwide finance and operations Justin McAnear, and legal vice president Phil Rothenberg.

    These are the key names who have left Tesla in 2018, when they left, and where they went next (according to their LinkedIn pages or company announcements):

    • January - Jason Mendez, director of manufacturing engineering: LinkedIn page does not list next position
    • January - Will McColl, manager of equipment engineering: founded WaveForm Design
    • February - Jon McNeill, president of global sales and services: became COO of Lyft 
    • March - Eric Branderiz, chief accounting officer: became CFO of Enphase Energy 
    • March - Susan Repo, corporate treasurer and vice president of finance: became CFO of Topia (she left Topia in June, according to her LinkedIn page)
    • April - Jim Keller, head of Autopilot hardware engineering: became head of silicon engineering at Intel
    • April - Georg Ell, director of Western Europe operations: became CEO of Smoothwall
    • May - Matthew Schwall, director of field performance engineering: became heady of field safety at Waymo 
    • July - Ganesh Srivats, vice president overseeing retail, delivery, and marketing: became CEO of Moda Operandi 
    • September - Sarah O'Brien, vice president of communications: LinkedIn page does not list next position
    • September - Gabrielle Toledano, chief people officer: LinkedIn page does not list next position

    • September - Dave Morton, chief accounting officer: became CFO of Anaplan

    • September - Liam O'Connor, vice president of global supply management: LinkedIn page does not list next position
    • September - Antoin Abou-Haydarsenior director of production and quality: became vice president of global quality for Byton
    • October - Justin McAnear, vice president of worldwide finance and operations: became CFO of 10X Genomics
    • November - Phil Rothenberg, vice president in the legal department: became general counsel of Sonder

    Have a Tesla news tip? Contact this reporter at

    SEE ALSO: I tried Tesla's new Autopilot feature that helps navigate during highway driving to see if it's helpful — here's the verdict

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    Grace Francisco

    • Roblox executive Grace Francisco has been coding since she was a teenager, but when it comes to business meetings or note taking, she prefers pen and paper. 
    • She uses two separate notebooks for work and to-do lists to adjust priorities. 
    • Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson all use notebooks as part of their regular routines.

    Roblox executive Grace Francisco has made a career out of technology, but when it comes to business meetings or note taking, she leaves technology out of it. 

    "I've been coding since I was a teenager — but when it comes to taking notes and tracking my to-do list I go with paper and pen," Francisco told Business Insider. 

    As the vice president of developer relations at Roblox, an online video-game platform for kids and teens valued at around $2.5 billion, Francisco spends her days focusing on accelerating the success of developers. While her work is focused on the technical side of things, she omits technology in work meetings. 

    "Taking notes on a laptop distracts from the meeting and can prevent you from really engaging in a discussion because others in the room aren't sure if you are checking email or listening," she said. 

    Francisco has two notepads to keep work notes and personal to-do lists separate. "This helps me adjust my priorities and cross out things that are complete in a clean way," she said. 

    "My most successful note-taking strategy is to only write down the salient bits of a discussion in my notebook, otherwise I don't retain the information as well," Francisco said. "Similarly for my to-do list, I find satisfaction in writing out a list day to day and feeling gratification in crossing out those things I've accomplished."

    Read more:  Here's why writing things out by hand makes you smarter

    Handwriting notes is a slower process than typing, which helps retain information. Transcribing every word that's said in a meeting doesn't require critical thinking, but writing down key phrases by hand signals the brain that a piece of information is important, Business Insider previously reported.

    Handwriting notes may seem archaic in the tech world, but it's a common organizational hack used by at least a few successful CEOs and execs. Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson all use notebooks as part of their regular routines. 

    SEE ALSO: The video game turning teens into millionaires has raised a whopping $150 million, making it a $2.5 billion company

    DON'T MISS: A video game turned this self-taught 23-year-old programmer into a budding mogul who can support his mom and brother

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    michelle obama barack obama

    • In her new memoir, "Becoming," Michelle Obama details what the atmosphere was like at the White House after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.
    • She writes that her husband had her come back to the White House immediately after the shooting, because he needed her comfort.
    • Michelle says she couldn't bring herself to attend a prayer vigil for the victims because she was "so shaken" by what happened.

    Michelle Obama says there was only one time that her husband called her to his office in the middle of the workday because he needed her support, and that was after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012.

    In her new memoir, "Becoming," the former first lady says she was giving a speech across the street from the White House when news broke that a gunman had shot and killed 20 first-graders and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, before taking his own life.

    When Michelle wrapped up her speech, her chief of staff came up to her and informed her what happened and said that the president wanted her to return to the White House "right away."

    barack obama white house sandy hook

    "My husband needed me," Michelle writes. "This would be the only time in eight years that he'd request my presence in the middle of the workday, the two of us rearranging our schedules to be alone together for a moment of dim comfort."

    She continues: "When I walked into the Oval Office, Barack and I embraced silently. There was nothing to say. No words."

    As a "fact guy," she says her husband demanded to be fully briefed when it came to events like this. So he was overwhelmed with details of "the graphic, horrid crime scene," of the "blood pooled on the floors of the classrooms and the bodies of" the victims.

    This especially disturbed her husband, who "loved children in a deep and genuine way."

    obama tears

    Read more: 25 things we learned from Michelle Obama's new memoir, 'Becoming'

    "Staying upright after Newtown was probably the hardest thing he'd ever had to do," she said.

    She says when their daughters got home from school that night, they met them in the residence to give them a hug.

    Later, she watched as her husband addressed the nation, unable to hold back his tears.

    Michelle writes that she was "so shaken" by what happened that she couldn't bring herself to go with her husband to a prayer vigil for the victims.

    "I had no strength left to lend," she said.

    SEE ALSO: Michelle Obama said she 'stopped even trying to smile' at Trump's inauguration

    DON'T MISS: Melania Trump's spokeswoman explains why the first lady has never reached out to Michelle Obama for advice

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    • As hundreds of new brands crop up to upend industries by selling directly to consumers using digital media, a new wave of ad agencies is making inroads in the direct-to-consumer space.
    • While some, like Decoded and Azione, are incubating their own DTC brands, others, like YellowHammer and Diff, are upending traditional fee models.
    • Still others, like Derris and creative agency Gin Lane, are increasingly opting for stakes in their clients' businesses.
    • Bigger agencies may be threatened, but they aren't taking the threat lying down.

    In February, business partners Addie Conner and Matt Rednor sat down to brainstorm business ideas. Conner was convinced she had encountered the next big thing in wellness while on a recent trip to Mexico: eco-friendly yoga mats and equipment made out of cork.

    Nine months later, 42 Birds was born.

    But the e-commerce brand, which sells its products on its website as well as on Amazon, isn't just another direct-to-consumer startup. Conner and Rednor started it — and incubated it at Decoded, the independent ad agency they run — because they wanted to understand what exactly it takes to helm a successful DTC brand.

    "We wanted to start out own DTC brand to build our expertise in e-commerce from the ground up," Rednor told Business Insider. "We could pretend to be experts, or build the expertise ourselves. In order to talk the talk, we wanted to walk the walk."

    Decoded has a unique approach at cracking the DTC trend, but it isn't alone. The cofounders of public relations firm Azione, Leland Drummond and Michele Thomas, are partnering with the Coveteur to launch The League, a new active-intimates DTC brand, next year, based on what they've learned working with DTC brands over the years.

    More broadly, as hundreds of new brands crop up to upend virtually every industry by selling everything from mattresses to makeup directly to consumers using digital media, a new wave of ad agencies is making inroads in an area where traditional ad giants are still finding their way.

    "Big agencies are not equipped to work at the pace and in a manner that matches the needs of a digitally native vertical brand," said Mike Cassidy, partner at private equity firm August Spark, which funds small businesses, including e-commerce agency BVAccel. "You have to be experts at retail, e-commerce, and digital — which is a specialty few can master."

    A roster of new agencies have emerged around the needs of digitally native brands

    The DTC revolution has spawned a roster of agencies over the past decade that have positioned themselves around the needs of digitally native brands, from creative and performance marketing to media buying as well as strategic planning and communications.

    These agencies, from Gin Lane and YellowHammer Media to Derris and BVAccel, to name a few, all pride themselves on having a nuanced understanding of the space and personalized ways of working. Many of them work exclusively with DTC brands, but they differ in the ways they approach the space and actually structure their relationships with them.

    Read more: A new type of ad agency is catering to brands born on digital channels – and industry giants need a plan

    Some are upending traditional fee structures to cater to DTC brands

    While Decoded has incubated its own DTC brand, others are upending traditional fee structures and retainer agreements to offer more flexibility to DTC brands.

    YellowHammer, which specializes in performance marketing, for instance, operates like an extension of its clients' businesses, which include hot-sauce-subscription seller Fuego Box and luxury-sheets retailer Boll & Branch. And instead of traditional retainer fees, the company gets paid on the basis of the brands' growth. So the more sales it drives for its ad partners, the more money it gets.

    "We have managed to create a service infrastructure that really allows us to be a part of their team," Sam Appelbaum, YellowHammer's general manager, told Business Insider. "Direct-to-consumer marketing is essentially outcome-based marketing, and our thesis is that's where all of marketing is eventually going to go."

    Similarly, e-commerce agency Diff offers flexibility to its clients, solving for a string of different problems that its clients may be facing depending on the stage of their growth, according to CEO Ben Crudo. And unlike traditional ad giants, these services don't come with a hefty price tag. A budget between $20,000 and $50,000 could get a DTC brand a pretty decent-sized team, he said.

    An early-stage startup that has just finished raising money on Kickstarter, for example, would probably benefit most from a sleek new website that could be put together by pooling in strategy, user experience, and front-end development resources. But a more mature DTC brand may need more help on its back-end operations to improve shipping.

    "Brands are built not just through nifty marketing but also by filling holes that appear in the business," Crudo said. "We solve for the biggest problem at every stage of maturity for a DTC brand, bringing both technical and business savvy and cutting through the red tape."

    And others are offering their services in return for a stake in DTC brands

    Meanwhile, firms like PR, branding, and content agency Derris and creative agency Gin Lane, have a different approach and often end up taking a stake in startups in return for helping them craft their business and marketing.

    Derris, for example, has been taking a small ownership stake in most of its DTC clients for years. But last year, it also raised a $10 million fund to invest in future clients by launching a separate wing called Amity Supply. So now, the firm invests money into its clients' startups on top of the stake it already gets for its services.

    "Put simply, we needed an economic model like the ownership-stake approach in order to justify working with early-stage brands," founder Jesse Derris told Business Insider.

    Similarly, Gin Lane, which works exclusively with DTC brands and has developed creative identities for brands including Hims and AYR, has also started asking for equity in companies like Quip and Smile Direct Club in return for its services. After all, there are downsides to working with these kinds of brands.

    "Working with early-stage businesses that you're trying to get off the ground is very different than working with a large brand — and it's very difficult to be really good at both," Gin Lane CEO Nick Ling said. "But we'd rather be a sushi knife than a Swiss Army knife and be really good at one thing versus average at everything."

    Larger agencies aren't taking the threat lying down

    DTC brands are fundamentally different from larger, more traditional brands. They are digital natives, own their first-party customer data, and rely heavily on performance marketing on digital channels to scale their businesses.

    "The problem with the ad world is they work from the outside in — they are looking in on product, trying to get your attention to connect the product to a consumer's ephemeral craving," said Gene Liebel, founding partner at Brooklyn, New York-based shop Work & Co., which focuses on product as much as it does on marketing.

    So DTC brands are increasingly opting for specialist agencies like those previously mentioned rather than larger, bigger ad companies.

    "When we're navigating things for the first time, they're either willing to jump in and figure it out with us, or they've already done it countless times before with other DTC brands," said Rithvik Venna, cofounder and chief operating officer at OROS Apparel. "This is a special skill set that is not so readily available at a more traditional agency."

    "In order to grow, we have to constantly do new things hinged on new areas of opportunity while continuing to do what's working efficiently," added Jonathan Newcomb, chief marketing officer at eyewear startup Felix Gray. "That's the reason we look for specialists that are accustomed to the kind of goals we have."

    This has started to put bigger ad companies under major pressure. But they aren't taking the threat lying down.

    Full-service digital agency Huge, which set up its own coffee shop in Atlanta three years ago to double up as a retail research and development facility, is now working on a new vending machine tied to a DTC offering set to launch in 2019.

    And media agency R2C has set up its own proprietary software to track its clients' marketing efforts on a cost-per-acquisition basis. It has also established a separate company called Leavened, which offers a platform and tools specifically for DTC companies.

    "DTC brands have a high expectation for accountability of their marketing spend, including offline," R2C president and COO Jane Crisan said. "We have made heavy investments over the last six years to create a suite of proprietary tools designed for this."

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    An F/A-18F Super Hornet jet flies over the USS Gerald R. Ford as the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier tests its new launch and flight arrest systems

    Exactly 108 years ago Wednesday, carrier aviation was born from an experiment that would eventually evolve into one of the most important aspects of modern warfare.

    Here are some impressive moments in the history of carrier aviation.

    Eugene Burton Ely flew a Curtiss Pusher biplane off the deck of the USS Birmingham on November 14, 1910, marking the first time the Navy had launched a plane from a warship, which came only seven years after the Wright Brothers' first flights. This moment can be considered the birth of carrier aviation.

    Source: Business Insider

    The following year, on January 18, 1911, Eugene B. Ely landed on the USS Pennsylvania, completing the first successful landing on a stationary warship.

    Source: Business Insider

    British Royal Naval Air Service pilot Edwin H. Dunning successfully landed an aircraft on a moving warship, the HMS Furious, for the first time on August 2, 1917. He died five days later on a follow-up attempt, demonstrating the challenge of landing on a ship at sea.

    Source: BBC

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    sad thinking stressed

    • Many people feel they're underappreciated at work.
    • Feeling that your company doesn't care about you might make you feel unmotivated.
    • Here are 19 signs that your company isn't investing in you — and won't change their ways any time soon.


    Feeling underappreciated is a leading reason that people want to quit their jobs.

    "People come to work for more than a paycheck," Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert, leadership coach, and author of "Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job" told Business Insider. "They want to feel that their contributions are making a difference. If an employer cares about your long-term growth and happiness, you'll feel a much greater sense of purpose, and reward."

    If your company isn't appreciating you, it's normal to feel unmotivated. But that can have disastrous effects in the long run.

    "Without that genuine support, it's hard to stay motivated, feel that you are part a larger team, and produce your best work," Taylor told Business Insider. "It's a downward spiral. You could stagnate in your career — unless you notice the signs and take decisive action."

    Here are 19 signs that your company isn't supporting you as much as they ought to. 

    Jacquelyn Smith contributed to a previous version of this article. 

    SEE ALSO: 16 signs you're underpaid — and what to do about it

    They never ask you for input or ideas

    If your boss or employer doesn't care about your ideas or opinions, they probably don't care much about you, according to Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of "The Humor Advantage."

    Your boss doesn't offer any support, guidance, or feedback

    If your boss doesn't take the time to offer any feedback, guidance, or support you as you work toward achieving your goals, it can be seriously detrimental to your career, Kerr said.

    Taylor said if your boss seems primarily concerned with the tactical aspects of your job and project completion — and less so with whether you're advancing your skills or being challenged by your work — they probably don't care about your success.

    You're not compensated fairly

    You've asked for a raise, and you know your salary is below what's normal for your role and location. 

    But they refuse to budge to meet industry standards.

    "An employer that's not concerned about what you can offer won't compensate you properly or fairly," Taylor said. "Even if you request a performance evaluation, you may be told it's not necessary, or just ask any questions you may have."

    Monetary signs like this can be blatant red flags that you should start job searching, Taylor said.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    TheInsider Picksteam writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    Since you don't have all day to scour the web for noteworthy sales and discounts, we rounded up the best bargains for you to shop in one convenient place.


    1. Save up to 40% on select Samsung TVs

    TVs are always one of the most-purchased tech items on Black Friday, so Samsung is having an early sale to help you avoid the post-Thanksgiving frenzy. Right now, you can save up to 40% on select Ultra HD Smart TVs at most, that amounts to up to a $1,500 savings without any hassle.

    Shop the Samsung Black Friday sale now.

    mott and bow

    2. Save up to 35% on your order at Mott & Bow

    To kick off the holiday shopping season, denim startup Mott & Bow is having a huge early Black Friday sale. Today, you can save 25% sitewide, 30% on orders of $200 or more, or 35% on orders of $300 or more with the promo code "SHOPEARLY" at checkout. Here at Insider Picks, we've raved about the brand's extremely comfortable jeans and dress shirts.

    Shop the Mott & Bow Black Friday sale now.

    eBay shopping guide

    3. Get Better than Black Friday Deals at eBay

    Now through November 18, eBay is having its "Better than Black Friday Deals" sale by beating Black Friday prices from competitors like Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney, BJ's Wholesale, and Costco ahead of Thanksgiving weekend. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, eBay will continue to beat or match prices with a 110% money back guarantee. Plus, all deals are eligible for free shipping.

    Shop the deals on eBay now.


    4. Save 30% when you spend $100 or more at Levi's

    When it comes to denim, Levi's is one of the most popular and deeply rooted companies in American culture. Now through November 19, you can save 30% when you spend $100 by using the promo code "GIFT30" at checkout. You'll find selections for men, women, and children. 

    Shop the Levi's Holiday sale now.


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    With a vibrant 1080P display, 12GB of RAM, and a large hard drive, the ASUS two-in-one, 15-inch touchscreen laptop can handle all of your work and entertainment needs. It features the functionality of a traditional laptop and a tablet, so it's perfect for taking on the go. Right now, you can save $200 on one at Best Buy.

    ASUS 2-in-1 15-inch Touch Screen Laptop, $629.99 (Originally $829.99)[You save $200]


    6. Save up to 40% at Nordstrom

    Now through November 18, you can save up to 40% on thousands of items at Nordstrom. The sale includes great deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, and a lot more for the entire family. Check out the 30 best deals from the sale here.

    Shop the Nordstrom fall sale now.

    woman studying udemy

    7. Enroll in thousands of Udemy's online courses for just $9.99

    With over 65,000 classes, Udemy is one of the best sites for finding online courses. Right now, you can take classes for just $9.99 each during the Black Friday Sale. Whether you want to learn a new language, photography, music, personal finance, or a skill for your career, there's a wide selection of courses that can help you accomplish those goals. There are seven days left in the sale, so don't wait to enroll.

    Enroll in $9.99 online courses at Udemy now.


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    Adidas has great items on sale all the time, but with its current sale, the more you buy, the more you'll save. Right now, you can save $20 off orders of $100, $50 off orders of $175, and $100 off orders of $300 when you use the promo code "BMSM18" at checkout. The discount applies to new arrivals and sale styles with select exclusions.

    Shop the Adidas sale now.


    9. Save up to $225 on a Leesa mattress

    This Black Friday, popular mattress startup Leesa Sleep is having one of its biggest sales ever. For a very limited time, you can save $150 on the Leesa Mattress or $225 on the Sapira Mattress, plus a free Leesa pillow — a $75 offer. If buying a mattress online concerns you, know that you can try it out for 100 nights free of risk. If it's not the best sleep you've ever had, you can return it hassle-free.

    Shop the Leesa Sleep Black Friday sale now.

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    millennial chaos mess wealthy

    • Melody Wilding is an executive coach, licensed social worker, and professor of Human Behavior at Hunter College.
    • She finds people constantly tell her about their narcissistic coworkers, but most of those people don't truly understand what a "narcissist" actually is.
    • She has some news: Narcissism is a spectrum, and most people are on it to some degree. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is something entirely separate, and misusing that label is unethical — and dangerous.

    Dealing with a difficult boss or coworker can test your patience and be drag on your productivity. But working with a narcissist, on the other hand, can be downright unhealthy. Their selfishness, manipulative tactics, and power hungry ways can be annoying at best and career-ending at worst.

    As an executive coach and Human Behavior professor, I hear from readers every day who claim that they work with a narcissist. They complain about managers and colleagues who make their work-life harder than it should be and frustrate them to no end. They blame the other person’s narcissistic tendencies for a lack of progress, not realizing that their own self-absorption might be contributing to the problem.

    The truth about narcissism

    Psychologically speaking, narcissism is a personality trait that every person possesses to some degree. Like any characteristic, it exists on a spectrum. We all fall somewhere along the narcissism continuum. In fact, a certain amount of self-centeredness is healthy. Research shows that it contributes to confidence, resilience, and ambition.

    However, any personality trait taken to an extreme can become pathological. A person who is excessively high in narcissism is said to have narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which is a diagnosable mental illness.

    A person with narcissistic traits may be mildly self-centered at times, but NPD, on the other hand, is a deeply ingrained, pervasive pattern. These people have an extremely fragile sense of self-esteem (masked by an inflated sense of superiority) to the point where it interferes with normal functioning across a wide range of settings beyond work. Studies show that this may be due in part to brain differences. People with NPD often have less brain matter in areas related to empathy.

    Related:How to know if you or someone you know is a narcissist, according to a clinical psychologist

    Difficult or disordered

    In other words, there’s a difference between working with someone who has narcissistic personality disorder and working for someone who has higher than normal narcissistic traits.

    With the recent rise in narcissism and popularity of the topic, I’ve also noticed an increased interest in self-diagnosing the difficult people in our lives and careers. Although narcissistic personality disorder is very uncommon (between 0.5-1% of the general population or one in every one hundred people), it seems like everyone now claims to have a narcissist in their lives, especially at work where relationships can get the most heated.

    Chalking up what you dislike about another person to a mental disorder isn’t ethical or fair. You may say things like, “my boss is absolutely crazy” or “she’s a raving narcissist” off the cuff and out of anger, but pathologizing people in this way can be very dangerous. Labeling someone with a psychiatric disorder not only further stigmatizes those who do live with mental health diagnoses, but it also trivializes how serious narcissistic personality disorder can be.

    Spotting a real narcissist

    Before you jump to self-diagnosing your boss or co-worker as a narcissist, it’s important to understand what differentiates narcissistic traits from full-blown NPD.

    Spotting narcissistic personality disorder in the workplace is crucial because it can be very damaging. For example, because they have trouble taking criticism, research suggests that people with NPD are responsible for more work-related lawsuits. Narcissists are also drawn to power, which helps them rise to leadership roles, but their penchant for unethical behavior, need for admiration, and lack of empathy can kill morale and destroy an organization.

    Related:The opposite of a narcissist is an 'empath' — here are the signs you could be one

    So, how can you tell when narcissistic traits tip over to NPD? According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to diagnose narcissistic personality disorder, the following criteria must be met:

    • An excessive need for admiration and gaining approval from others
    • A sense of entitlement, seeing one’s self as exceptional, and condescending behavior
    • An inability to recognize the feelings and needs of other people
    • Superficial relationships
    • Vast fluctuations in mood

    These criteria must be relatively stable across a person’s lifetime and many situations, including in their personal relationships outside of the workplace.

    People with narcissistic personality disorder also typically show extreme behavior like:

    • Overly emotional or unpredictable thinking or behavior
    • Distorting facts and making false accusations
    • Enjoyment of getting away with breaking the rules or violating boundaries
    • Using psychological manipulation like gaslighting, public shaming, and deflection
    • Aggression and antisocial behavior

    melody wildingWhether you’re dealing with someone who has NPD or simply higher-than-normal narcissistic traits, you must learn how to protect yourself. Developing assertiveness skills, boundaries, and the ability to stay calm in response to the narcissist's tactics can help you succeed despite their presence or make the decision to move on to an environment that’s a better fit for you.

    Melody Wilding is an executive coach, licensed social worker, and professor of Human Behavior at Hunter College. Her clients include high-performing managers and leaders at places like Google, Facebook, and HP.  Sign up for your free guide, The 3-Step Workday Reset at

    SEE ALSO: Narcissists all follow the same patterns — here are some of the most common phrases they use

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    plaxall amazon hq2

    • Amazon will divide its second headquarters, known as HQ2, in half between the National Landing area of Arlington, Virginia, and Long Island City, Queens. 
    • In Long Island City, Amazon workers will first move into a 50-story office tower that's currently being occupied by Citigroup.
    • The move is a temporary measure as Amazon develops a 4 to 8 million-square-foot headquarters surrounding the Anable Basin.
    • The owner of the land, Plaxall, recent put forth a proposal for how the site could be developed — but Amazon may have its own ideas. 

    Amazon is headed to Queens. After more than year of silent negotiations, the company finally landed on the winners of its second North American headquarters. The new HQ2 will be divided into two sites: the newly-minted National Landing area of Arlington, Virginia, and Long Island City, Queens. 

    A mere hours after the announcement was made, Citigroup revealed that it was handing over space in a 50-story office building to make way for the retail giant. The tower, known as One Court Square, has become an iconic fixture of the Long Island City skyline, thanks to its massive height and "Citi" logo, which is visible from Manhattan along the East River. 

    Read more: Amazon is headed to New York City — here are the neighborhoods that could start swelling with HQ2 workers

    Starting next year, Citigroup will begin moving 1,100 employees out of the office tower, freeing up one million square feet of real estate for Amazon. The displaced employees will move to alternate locations in Long Island City or transfer to Citigroup's global headquarters in Tribeca. Amazon will introduce 700 employees in the next year, followed by 2,200 employees in 2020.

    According to Constantine Valhouli, the head of research for NeighborhoodX, the building is a "natural choice" for Amazon, given its dominance and height. Amazon's move, he said, could symbolize the growing takeover of West Coast technology companies in New York City, where major office towers have long been occupied by financial firms. 

    amazon hq2 lic queens arlington virginia locations graphic

    But the move is only temporary. Over the next ten years, Amazon will build a 4 million-square-foot headquarters to house its 25,000 new employees. From there, the company will expand the project to around 8 million square feet, accommodating an additional 15,000 workers.

    The entire development is set to be complete in 15 years, at which point Amazon will have spent $3.7 billion on the project. 

    That's a hefty price tag, given that the company's parallel development in Arlington. Construction on the4 million-square-foot headquarters, known as National Landingis set to begin in 2019.


    Though Amazon hasn't revealed too many details about its Long Island City headquarters, the company plans to occupy the space along the Anable Basin, an artificial inlet separating Queens from Brooklyn.

    In a memorandum of understanding, New York's Empire State Development said the new site would include open public space, community facilities, artist workspaces, technology accelerator space, and room for a public school. 

    To carry out this vision, Amazon will have to work with the owner of the land, Plaxall, which recently proposed its own ideas for a mixed-used district along the waterfront. Its 2017 proposal included flood resiliency measures and plans to preserve the neighborhood's industrial character. 

    Though Plaxall and Amazon could share a similar wish-list, there's plenty left to determine, including the project timeline, fate of existing businesses, and location of Jeff Bezos's controversial helipad

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