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    Amazon echo show

    • Some of Amazon's Alexa-enabled speakers are out of stock, and customers are being warned that they might not arrive until after Christmas. 
    • The out-of-stock items include the second-generation Echo Show and the third generation of Amazon's popular Echo Dot.
    • The third-generation Echo Dot was the No. 1 bestselling product on Amazon across all manufacturers and categories worldwide on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    If you're ordering an Amazon Echo speaker for a Christmas gift this week, make sure you read the small print.

    Several of Amazon's Alexa-enabled smart speakers are currently out of stock in the United States and won't be shipped until January, Bloomberg was first to report on Monday

    A spokesperson for Amazon did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.


    Amazon's third-generation Echo Dot will be back in stock before Christmas. However, there is a warning sign that says the item may not arrive to the customer in time for the holidays. 


    This particular speaker was the No. 1 best-selling item on Amazon across all manufacturers and categories worldwide on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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    NOW WATCH: This fish was sold for $1.8 million — here's why bluefin tuna is so expensive

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    leslie moonves cbs


    Leslie Moonves, former CEO and Chairman of CBS Corporation who left the company in September after a wave of sexual assault and harassment allegations, will not receive any of his $120 million severance, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

    Investigators concluded that CBS had grounds to terminate Mr. Moonves for violating company policies and intentionally not cooperating with the investigation, the CBS board of directors said in a statement obtained by the Journal. 

    Lawyers for the network previously said Moonves should not receive his severance because he "destroyed evidence and misled investigators" as he faced multiple sexual misconduct allegations, according to the New York Times

    The departure of Moonves from the company came after a report by The New Yorker detailing accusations against the media executive from six women. This followed CBS hiring multiple law firms to launch an investigation against Moonves in August, after six other women accused Moonves of sexual misconduct or harassment. Moonves has denied the allegations against him.

    Moonves was one of the highest-paid CEOs in the US, thanks to a compensation package of cash, restricted shares and stock options worth $57 million in 2014, Forbes reported. He's worth an estimated $700 million.

    CNBC had previously reported that the board was considering giving him a $100 million exit package, but CBS said in a statement that any severance benefits would be pending the results of an independent investigation. 

    Here's how Moonves made his $700 fortune.

    SEE ALSO: Les Moonves, CEO of CBS, is out after 6 more women accused him of sexual harassment, assault

    Moonves worked as an actor in the 1970s, with small roles in TV series including "Gemini Man" in 1976 and "The Six Million Dollar Man" in 1977.

    Source: IMDb

    He went on to take over Lorimar Television in 1989, which then merged with Warner Bros. Television.

    Source: CNN Money

    In the early 1990s, Moonves developed hit TV shows including "ER" and "Friends" as president of Warner Bros.

    Source: Money

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    Girls Trip

    • There's nothing like a girls trip to strengthen even the strongest of friendships.
    • With so many beautiful cities in North America, there are several destinations easy on the eyes and the wallet.
    • Wine country in New York is a nice change of pace while Mexico's self-proclaimed surf town are among some of the most underrated cities for a girls getaway.

    Traveling with your family or significant other is great, but sometimes it takes more than a happy hour to bond with your girls. Enter girls trips. A much-needed getaway masked as a "bonding experience" for you and several of your closest partners in crime.

    You've solidified the crew and decided on a date, but now comes the hardest part — figuring out a place that's not only cost-effective but also bustling with endless attractions and trendy restaurants. Las Vegas, Miami and yes, San Diego, are fine. However, there boasts a bevy of underrated cities across North America that not only cater to large crowds of ladies looking to let loose but also don't make a huge dent in one's wallet.

    Here are 10 of the most underrated places for a girl's trip.

    Oregon's Columbia River Gorge is the perfect place for active ladies who enjoy the outdoors.

    Whether you fancy a dip in a hidden waterfall or a scenic hike up Dog Mountain, the Columbia River Gorge region in Oregon is a low-key yet breathtaking place for a girl's trip. With plenty of wide open road one can cruise on via bicycle or car, the scenery lends itself for plenty of Instagram-worthy shots.

    While you're there, take in the craft beer scene of the Pacific Northwest. Not a beer fan? Thankfully, the Willamette Valley located just an hour south boasts over 400 wineries and known for its famous pinot noir. Start planning your trip here.

    Squaw Valley, California is home to the largest ski resort in the United States.

    If hitting the slopes sounds more fun than laying on the beach, then Squaw Valley Ski Resort is the ideal place for a girls getaway. It's rare to find so much snow in California, and the developers of this venue have made great use of this asset. There are condo-style suites so everyone stays in one room and some budget-friendly rooms. 

    Everything you will need is on the property, including nearly 20 shops to fuel some retail therapy. Between The North Face to gourmet chocolate, the stores are diverse.

    Sedona, Arizona is for the army of ladies looking to benefit from a relaxing time.

    Located near Flagstaff, Sedona is a haven for ladies interested in escaping their day jobs for some rest and recreation. Aptly nicknamed "Red Rock Country," lodging in Sedona ranges from resorts and cabins to bed and breakfasts.

    Sedona is well-known for its spiritual vortexes, which their site describes as "swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation, and self-exploration."

    People apparently leave feeling inspired, recharged, or uplifted after visiting a vortex. Sound like something fit for you and your girl? Start planning.

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    dr. andrew ng

    • Dr. Andrew Ng, one of the most famous computer scientists in the world, revealed his "playbook" for helping all businesses adopt AI. 
    • Ng is best-known for his time at Google and his stint as chief scientist at Chinese tech giant Baidu, though he's also affiliated with Stanford and cofounded Coursera.
    • He says the best thing to do is to start with a small project before you even think about trying to form a grand strategy.
    • He also says that a lot of companies make a crucial mistake — they hoard lots and lots of data, to be used in AI systems. But that data is often useless, Ng says, as it's impossible to separate signal from noise.

    Dr. Andrew Ng has one of the most enviable resumes that a computer scientist could work for.

    He's probably best-known in America for his time at Google, where he cofounded the Google Brain artificial intelligence project with famed engineer Jeff Dean. From there, he served as chief scientist at Chinese tech giant Baidu, where he grew its AI organization into the thousands. For a time, too, he was director of Stanford's AI Lab. Oh, and he cofounded online learning company Coursera. 

    Nowadays, Ng is the chief executive at Landing AI, a consultancy that helps the largest businesses pursue their own strategies for artificial intelligence, which stands to revolutionize everything from warehouse labor, to retail, to writing your own e-mails. Indeed, he says that the AI trend to watch nowadays is the adoption of the technology by non-tech companies, from fashion brands to factories to farms. 

    To that end, Ng released last week his "AI Transformation Playbook," a five-step plan for businesses to follow if they want to dip their toes into the water, all drawn from his experiences at Google and Baidu. We spoke to Ng earlier in December to get his perspective on the playbook, and his further advice for companies chasing AI. 

    First thing's first, Ng says, is not to worry so much about the hand-wringing in Silicon Valley about Facebook, Google, and other giants hoovering up all the AI talent, calling those concerns "overhyped." If you can pay well, he suggests, and you're working on interesting projects, you won't have any trouble finding AI engineers. 

    And besides, he says, there are lots of engineers out there doing work that might be considered AI (or, at least, AI-adjacent), insofar as they're parsing large amounts of data to help the system make smarter recommendations. Whatever they don't know, he says, they often pick up on the fly as the project demands. 

    "All education is self-education, because what's the alternative?" quips Ng. 

    "I see CEOs go big too often"

    Once you're ready to get going, Ng says that it's a common mistake to start by forming a broad strategy. This is tempting, but it's usually a mistake, he says: You don't know what your company is capable of, AI-wise, let alone what it's good at. Rather than rush into timetables and grand designs you later have to alter, start small, he says.

    The really crucial first step, he says, is picking a project that's not so big that you get discouraged, but also, not so small that "even if you succeed, no one cares."

    "I see CEOs go big too often, then I see them go too small," Ng says. "Try to do something you can get done in a year." 

    In that sense, it's usually good to start with something core to the business — starting with something behind-the-scenes like HR or payroll could be doable, but it also might be hard to get the team jazzed about it, he says. This is also good, he says, because it forces you to think about how AI can actually be put into use in your business, rather than an abstract cure-all. 

    "AI doesn't magically solve your problems," says Ng. 

    From there, it's time to invest in people. For large companies, he says, it's worth the time and effort to formally train your people, even as you hire outside experts. The major cloud platforms, like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, offer a smorgasbord of AI-powered services for developers. Still, Ng says, those are pretty generalized tools; every company faces their own problems, and you want your own team building your own solutions. 

    "They're just fine, but you need to build on top of them," says Ng. "You want to be good at AI, you need your own team," he later added. 

    Don't be a hoarder

    Then, once your team is on board and fully trained up on your own particular problems, then you can think about your AI strategy — a way to apply what you've learned to actually make a difference. 

    Finally, Ng says that there's one big mistake that he sees lots of companies make. Over the last several years, companies have been hoarding all of their data, from all parts of their business, with the expectation that it will some how, in some way, form the cornerstone of an AI or data analysis strategy. 

    Not so, says Ng, who routinely sees clients sitting on vast warehouses of irrelevant or otherwise useless data, where the signal is indistinguishable from the noise. Ultimately, Ng says that when you're training an AI model, it's better to have a few hundred high-quality data points than it is to try to use all of that extant data. 

    "To this day, I don't think their engineers know what to do with this supposedly valuable data," says Ng. 

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    NOW WATCH: I'm a diehard iPhone user who switched to Android for a week — here's what I loved and hated about the Google Pixel 3 XL

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    This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here. Current subscribers can read the report here.


    Outside of the US Postal Service (USPS), FedEx and UPS have dominated the domestic logistics industry — and in particular, the last-mile of the delivery — for decades. On a quarterly earnings call in 2016, FedEx estimated that itself, UPS, and USPS executed a whopping 95% of all e-commerce orders.

    But rapidly rising volumes have put the pair of legacy shippers in a bind. E-commerce sales have risen over 50% and are projected to continue their ascent into the next decade. High volumes are already straining shippers' networks — UPS struggled to bring consumers their parcels on time due to higher-than-anticipated package volume, which upset some big-name retail partners, including Macy's, Walmart, and Amazon. As online sales surge further, package volumes will outstrip legacy shippers' capacities, creating space for new entrants. 

    Amazon is uniquely well-positioned to dethrone UPS and FedEx's duopoly. It's built up a strong logistics infrastructure, counting hundreds of warehouses and thousands of delivery trucks.

    Further, as the leading online retailer in the US, it has a wealth of data on consumers that it can use to craft a personalized delivery experience that's superior to UPS and FedEx's offerings. Amazon must act soon, however, as UPS and FedEx are hard at work fortifying their own networks to handle the expected surge in parcel volume.

    The longer the Seattle-based e-tailer delays the launch of a delivery service, the more it runs the risk that these legacy players will be able to defend their territory. 

    In a new report, Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, explains how the age of e-commerce is opening up cracks in UPS and FedEx's duopoly. We then outline how Amazon's logistics ambitions began as an effort to more quickly get parcels out the door and fulfill its famous 2-day shipping process and how it'll be a key building block for the company if it builds out a last-mile service. Lastly, we offer concrete steps that the firm must take to maximize the dent it makes in UPS and FedEx's duopoly.

    The companies mentioned in this report are: Alibaba, Amazon, FedEx, and UPS.

    Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:

    • While UPS and FedEx have dominated the US last-mile delivery market for the last few decades, the surge in e-commerce is creating more volume than shipping companies can handle.
    • Amazon is uniquely well-positioned to put a dent in UPS and FedEx's duopoly due to its strategic position as the leading online retailer in the US.
    • Amazon can carry its trust amongst the public, a wealth of consumer data, and its ability to craft a more personalized delivery experience to the last-mile delivery space to ultimately dethrone UPS and FedEx.
    • The top priority for Amazon in taking on UPS and FedEx needs to be offering substantially lower shipping rates — one-third of US retailers say they'll switch to an Amazon shipping service if it's at least 20% cheaper than UPS and FedEx. 

    In full, the report:

    • Outlines Amazon's current shipping and logistics footprint and strengths that it would bring to the last-mile delivery space in the US.
    • Lays out concrete steps that Amazon must take if it wants to launch a standalone last-mile delivery service, including how it can offer a more memorable, higher-quality delivery experience than UPS and FedEx.
    • Illustrates how Amazon can minimize operating costs for a delivery service to ultimately undercut UPS and FedEx's shipping rates in the last-mile space.


    SEE ALSO: Amazon and Walmart are building out delivery capabilities

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    royals joking

    • Royals usually follow a strict protocol that dictates their behavior, from what they eat to how they sit.
    • But, as in 2018, they've been known to deviate from the rules.
    • Meghan Markle hugged a fan, for instance, despite royal protocol to keep some distance.

    Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. And when it comes to strict rules of royal protocol, even Queen Elizabeth herself has been known to brush them aside, calling them "rubbish."

    Here are 10 times that members of the royal family broke their own protocol this year.

    Royals aren't supposed to give autographs, but Markle signed a 10-year-old girl's notebook.

    Royals aren't supposed to sign autographs for security reasons: that way their signatures can't be forged. That didn't stop Markle from signing 10-year-old Caitlin Clark's autograph book with a heart and smiley face.

    Clark told HELLO! magazine that Markle misspelled her name and wrote "Hi Kaitlin," but that she didn't mind.

    "I don't really care," she said. "My heart is still racing. I've never got a royal autograph before. This is going to make everyone jealous."

    Royals usually stick to more formal greetings, but Markle is a hugger.

    Embracing royals is usually off-limits for both security reasons and out of respect for their positions. But Markle goes right in for hugs.

    At an event for International Women's Day, People reports that when 10-year-old Sophia Richards told Prince Harry she wants to be an actress, he brought her over to meet Markle, who hugged her.

    "Meghan told me that I can achieve whatever I want to achieve. And Meghan said she would like to see me on TV when I become an actress," Richards told People. "It was a dream come true. I will never forget this day."

    Princess Eugenie says she "got in trouble" after taking a picture in an off-limits part of Buckingham Palace.

    Members of the royal family don't have their own personal social media accounts. Instead, they share photos through Kensington Palace's official pages. The exception to that rule is Princess Eugenie, the queen's granddaughter and ninth in line for the throne, who has Instagram.

    During the Trooping the Colour parade in June, Eugenie snapped a photo of her father, Prince Andrew, standing in Buckingham Palace.

    "A wonderful and proud day celebrating Her Majesty's birthday and @hrhthedukeofyork for his first Trooping the Colour as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards. #troopingthecolour," she captioned the photo.

    She told British Vogue that she was later chastised by palace officials for breaking royal protocol by sharing the photo.

    It couldn't have gotten her in too much trouble because it's still up on her Instagram.

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    rivet, $29.99+

    It's crazy to think that Christmas is just a week away. The reality is, though, that in seven days you're going to need to have all of your holiday gifts wrapped and ready to go.

    Haven't bought them yet? Luckily, it's no big deal because plenty of online retailers are offering fast (and in some cases free) two-day shipping to help you get all of your gifts in time. 

    Amazon is one of the retailers you can rely on to get you your gifts on time, especially if you're a Prime member. Yet, many people feel that finding a present in Amazon's sea of millions of products can result in gifts that feel lackluster and a little impersonal. I was in that camp as well, finding it admittedly difficult to find the hidden gems in my broad searches for "minimalist succulent planters" or "shaggy throw pillows".

    I recently discovered Amazon's gift finder, which helps you find curated selections of unique gifts, and I was impressed.

    You can search by category, interests, price, and more. If anything, this proved to me that you can in fact find gifts on Amazon that still feel thoughtful and personal. So, we curated a list of 21 personal gifts on Amazon, for everyone on your list. Keep scrolling to check out our picks below.

    Looking for more gift ideas? Check out all of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides for 2018 here.

    SEE ALSO: All of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides, in one place

    DON'T MISS: 55 creative and unexpected gifts for her that are all under $50

    For the musician

    Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable, $89

    Musicians and music lovers alike can agree that nothing sounds better than vinyl. If they have a record collection, they'll appreciate this turntable. If they don't have a record collection, start them off with a record or two and introduce them to the unique vinyl sound with this record player — they'll thank you. 

    For the 'green thumb'

    Back to the Roots Garden-in-a-Can Herb Garden, $33.74

    Give them the tools to keep up with their gardening habit all year long. Each garden-in-a-can is super easy to use — just add water and some sunshine — and will have them with fresh cilantro, basil, and mint garnishes in no time. 

    For the bookworm

    Alice in Wonderland Bookmark, $29

    Add some whimsy to their next read with this Alice in Wonderland bookmark. It's sure to catch their attention, and you can be sure they'll never lose their place again. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Cardi B

    While most celebrities work to maintain a positive public image, more than a few got into public feuds this year. 

    Perhaps the most memorable was the fight between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, but the headlines were flooded this year with celebrities battling over album sales, sexism, and plastic surgery. 

    Keep scrolling to see which celebrities went head-to-head in 2018. 

    Nicki Minaj and Cardi B made headlines after a New York Fashion Week incident.

    Though reports about a possible feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's date back to 2017, the drama reached a fever pitch at a New York Fashion Week party back in September. According to reports, Cardi B tried to attack Minaj, but was stopped by Minaj's bodyguards. She was escorted out of the event and later published a statement on Instagram where she accused Minaj of "making comments" about both her daughter and abilities as a mother.

    Since then, Nicki called Cardi "angry and sad" and described the whole episode as "mortifying and humiliating."

    Nicki Minaj also accused Travis Scott of using Kylie Jenner to sell tickets and merchandise.

    Nicki Minaj didn't just have a feud with Cardi B this year. She also exchanged some fiery words with fellow rapper Travis Scott. Back in August, Scott's album "ASTROWORLD" hit No. 1 on the Billboard chart, bumping her album "Queen" to second place. She claimed that she deserved the top spot because Scott used his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, to promote his album and merch. 

    "I put my blood sweat & tears in writing a dope album only for Travis Scott to have Kylie Jenner post a tour pass telling ppl to come see her & Stormi. lol. Im actually laughing," she wrote in one tweet

    As a result of Minaj's accusations, Jenner and Scott allegedly moved their seats at the VMAs so they could avoid the "Chun-Li" singer.

    Kim Cattrall said she was never friends with her "Sex and the City" co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

    In 2017, Kim Cattrall came forward and said she refused to do a third "Sex and the City" movie, adding that she wished Sarah Jessica Parker "had been nicer." In fact, Cattrall said she and her co-stars have never been friends. Parker went on the defense, saying she was "heartbroken" and found it "very upsetting" because that's not how she remembers her experience with the "Sex and the City" co-stars. 

    The feud continued this year when Cattrall's brother was found dead. Amid the mourning, Cattrall took to Instagram in February to post a message to Parker. The image reads, "I don't need your love or support at this tragic time @sarahjessicaparker." In the caption, Cattrall wrote, "My Mom asked me today 'When will that @sarahjessicaparker, that hypocrite, leave you alone?' Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now. Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already) You are not my family. You are not my friend. So I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Chrissy Teigen family

    • On Tuesday, Chrissy Teigen shared a menu she made for daughter Luna to help her decide what she wants to eat.
    • Teigen's menu included several different kid-friendly meal options, as well as prices, photos, and descriptions.
    • Teigen's fellow parents are tweeting to share how much they love this idea and may try it in their own homes.

    Chrissy Teigen has always been open about her experiences as a mom, and this time, it includes dealing with a picky eater.

    On Tuesday, Teigen shared the menu she made for daughter Luna, and not only does it have her fans laughing, but it also seems to have struck a chord with parents who have been through the same thing with their own kids.

    In the video, which is captioned "Trying to get Luna to eat by being psychotic," Teigen flipped through the menu she made, filled with meal options that are all kid-approved. The menu is multiple pages long and features photos and prices for each meal.

    "I have a problem," Teigen said in the video.

    Included in the menu are options like cheese quesadillas, chicken fingers, crispy fish sticks, grilled cheese, and cereal with bananas. Each photo seems to have been taken by Teigen herself after preparing each meal and arranging it on a kid-sized plate, complete with dividers.

    Since Teigen shared her menu, parents are replying to her tweet where she shared the video, talking about how genius her idea is.

    But another parent acknowledged that her own menu probably wouldn't be quite as fancy.

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    NOW WATCH: A Harvard psychologist reveals the secret to curbing your appetite

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    friends with benefits

    • Casual relationships don't always stay casual. 
    • If someone begins wanting to hang out outside of your hookups, they could be falling for you. 
    • If you've developed pet names, that could be another sign. 

    Casual relationships are pretty commonplace nowadays, but even if you're both trying to keep it simple, there are certain and unsuspecting times where it can actually become just the opposite, Helen Fisher, anthropologist, a senior research fellow at The Kinsey Institute and co-director of's annual Singles in America survey, told INSIDER.

    According to's Singles in America site, out of the 55% of singles who have had a friends-with-benefits relationship, 45% of them have had it evolved into a full-fledged relationship. Likewise, out of the 40% of singles who have had a "hanging out" relationship with someone, 29% have gotten into a relationship from it. 

    Whether you call them flings, situationships, or friends with benefits, here are 13 subtle signs that it could be turning into something a bit more serious.

    You've begun exchanging thoughtful text messages with them.

    Casual flings usually have limited communication through text messages unless it involves setting up an encounter. According to a forensic sexologist, chief of sexology, and director of clinical research programs at Felnett Health Research Foundation Damian J. Sendler, Ph.D. though, if the text messages with your fling have started to increase, you may be moving toward a real relationship.

    "Typical flings are not meant to last long. Therefore, even the quality of messages that you are exchanging with your fling is poor," he said. "When you notice that the person you're talking to invests considerable time to ask meaningful questions, it means that they want to know more about you. It's the chance for both of you to get to know each other in a non-obligatory way. Plus, things like asking how your day is going is another sign that you're heading into more serious direction."

    Either or both of you have started seeking opportunities to hang more often.

    Casual flings aren't usually the type of situations that require you to spend time with one another outside of having sex. If it's beginning to turn into something more than that, however, you may find yourself looking for more reasons to hang out with your fling.

    "It's obvious that when we like someone, we want to spend as much time with them as possible," Sendler said. "There's also a general principle that when someone is not that receptive to our offers to hang out, that's the sign to move on, and never bother this person again. The same applies to relationships. It's an especially strong sign of affection and romantic interest when the person you're seeing cancels other plans to spend time with you. This is especially relevant when you just met this individual, who's made some plans in the past, and they want to risk their time and energy to get to know you."

    You're touching each other when there's no sex involved.

    Engaging in a casual fling usually finds you and the other party having sex and nothing more. When it's starting to become more than just a fling though, being touchy-feely during times when you're not having sex could become a normal part of your interaction.

    "This is not about sex. It's more about going back to the basics of dating," he said. "Nowadays most people start with sex, and then they figure out what's romantic about each other. When someone essentially begins to gently explore your physical body without strong sexual innuendo, it means that they want to make a good impression."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    archie jughead riverdale

    • New episodes of "Riverdale" won't air until January 16, 2019.
    • If you're caught up and are looking for something to watch over the holidays, there are plenty of shows to choose from.
    • INSIDER worked with TV Time to come up with some shows "Riverdale" fans may also enjoy based on the percentage of "Riverdale" viewers who also mark these shows on their app. 
    • Here are 15 shows "Riverdale" fans also watch, 

    "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" (Netflix)

    Stream it: Netflix

    The "Riverdale" spin-off or companion show is based in the neighboring town of Greendale and follows Sabrina Spellman, also a character from Archie Comics, as she tries to juggle her human life and her witch life. A "Riverdale" character even makes a surprising crossover appearance during one episode of the first season. Oh, and Satan plays a pretty big role on the show. 

    "Dynasty" (The CW)

    Stream it: The CW, Netflix 

    This reboot of the popular 1980s soap opera centers on the Carrington family, company owners and billionaires. Between the infidelity, kidnappings, and death, "Dynasty" is never boring. Fashion fans can also appreciate the stunning styles featured on the show. 

    "The End of the F***ing World" (Netflix)

    Stream it: Netflix 

    Dark British comedy "The End of the F***ing World" is seriously bleak but in the best way possible. The premise of two teens deciding to run away together is a simple and basic concept, but the series quickly takes a twist because one of them plans on murdering the other. Watch the series to find out what happens. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • Joaslin transforms photographs of real people into Disney-like characters.
    • She achieves her glossy, computerized style with the assistance of a digital tablet and Photoshop.
    • Through her transformations, Joaslin aims for "unique colors" and uses a style that she has been developing for years.

    Joaslin is a Madagascar-born, French artist who specializes in Disney-like, computerized transformations of real people. 

    She shares her artwork on Instagram, where she has amassed almost 40,000 followers, and often shares snippets of the technique she uses to achieve her style.

    Keep scrolling to see some of Joaslin's most amazing works, including a custom-made transformation of me. 

    Joaslin is a Madagascar-born, France-based artist who specializes in turning people into cartoon characters.

    This Instagram post's captions said, "This painting was made on a single layer! It was challenging to do and thanks to it I found out that there are some tricks to make you paint much faster!" 

    Her style is distinctly glossy, and she uses a digital tablet and Photoshop to achieve this look.

    To see just how Joaslin does it, check out her how-to videos on Linktree.

    Joaslin has been developing her style for years.

    This portrait is actually animated

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    In the last few years, there’s been a major shift as to how consumers interact with social media.

    Rather than posting content that lives on the platform in perpetuity, users are now posting and viewing more “Stories,” video or images that live for only 24 hours.The Stories Slide Deck

    Many platforms have introduced some form of Stories format — whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp. Snapchat was the company to introduce it to the world, but Instagram has surpassed it in terms of volume and perhaps usability.

    Business Insider Intelligence has compiled a slide deck that looks into how Stories work on Instagram and Snapchat, and how brands and publishers should be using the Stories feature to reach their audiences.

    This exclusive deck can be yours for FREE today. As an added bonus, you will gain immediate access to our exclusive BI Intelligence Daily newsletter.

    To get your copy of the FREE slide deck, simply click here.

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    Ring Video Doorbell

    It's only the first week of December and some of the hottest tech gifts of the year are already backordered or sold out until early 2019. Other top devices will see their prices marked up by resellers.

    To save time and get you the best bang for your buck, we put together a list of stores where you can still buy devices like Apple AirPods and the Nintendo NES Classic at their original retail prices. But don't sit on this information for long before buying since we fully expect the majority of the devices in this slideshow to sell out by Christmas.

    Most of these items are available with two-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime, so don't stress too hard about your last-minute shopping — just remember that the sooner you order, the better your chances of a timely arrival.

    Looking for more gift ideas? Check out all of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides for 2018 here.

    SEE ALSO: All of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides, in one place

    Miniature Nintendo and PlayStation consoles

    Nintendo NES Classic Edition, $60, available at Best Buy and Walmart

    Super NES Classic, $80, available at Best Buy and Walmart

    PlayStation Classic, from $74.99, available at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart

    Nintendo's retro game consoles, the $60 NES Classic and $80 Super NES Classic, are awesome gifts for gamers and nostalgists alike, and they have both sold out the last two holiday seasons. Right now, the NES Classic is still in stock at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. The Super NES Classic still up for grabs at Best Buy and Walmart.

    Sony followed Nintendo's lead and debuted the PlayStation Classic on December 3. The Classic costs $100 and is currently available to buy at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

    The Amazon Echo

    Echo (2nd Generation), $69.99, available at Amazon

    Last year, the Echo was a big hit. The smart speaker comes with Amazon's perennially popular smart assistant, Alexa, built right into the hardware. That means you can call on Alexa to play music, make calls, set alarms, ask questions, control connected devices, and just about anything else. 

    It features a speaker powered by Dolby and is currently available in six styles, including fabrics and wood veneers — for the holidays, Amazon partnered with (RED) on a limited-edition red Echo to support the fight against AIDS. 

    The Wyze Cam

    Wyze Cam, $25.98, available at Amazon

    The Wyze Cam is one of those rare devices that costs much less than any of its competition. It records video in 1080P and sends your phone a notification each time its motion sensor is triggered. These video clips are stored in the cloud for two weeks for free; most other home security camera options only keep clips for a day if you don't pay a monthly subscription fee.

    Wyze has gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews for this camera. Given its low price and great performance, we don't expect it to stay in stock this holiday season.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    jamal crawford 1

    • Jamal Crawford is 38 years old and on his eighth team in 19 seasons, and has become a key player for the Phoenix Suns.
    • Crawford is considered ageless on the court and says he's stayed young by making dietary tweaks like cutting out Capri Suns and treating his body right.
    • Crawford says his career motto is loving the game and that if you treat it well, it will treat you well back.

    As the NBA regular season began and Jamal Crawford remained unsigned, he could have chosen to wait it out, hoping some contending team would reach out in need and offer him a contract.

    But one thing rules Crawford's life, and that is the love of basketball. So, in mid-October, he joined the Phoenix Suns when they offered him a deal.

    "It got to a point where, I love basketball so much, to be honest with you, that I didn't wanna just miss the start of the season," Crawford told INSIDER on Monday before playing the New York Knicks. "Like, I could've waited [for an offer from a contender], played that game, see how that worked out, but when the season started, I wanted to be out there."

    It turns out the Suns do need him. Before the season, they had ambitions of competing for the playoffs. Instead, they entered Monday night 6-24, last in the NBA.

    Crawford is uniquely qualified for this role as team sage. Now on his eighth team in 19 years in the NBA, Crawford has played for every type of outfit, from lottery dwellers to pseudo contenders.

    "This isn't the end-all, be-all," Crawford said when asked what he tells younger Suns players as they grind through a dismal season.

    "Just work every day. Take it day by day, get better. But there's a bigger picture to this. As long as you can worry about the stuff you can control, that's always best for you."

    Crawford has been a breath of fresh air in the locker room, as other players would tell it. No. 1 overall pick Deandre Ayton told The Athletic's Gina Mizzel on Monday that he continually tells Crawford that it's an "honor" to be around him.

    jamal crawford 2

    The NBA world jokes about Crawford's agelessness, particularly in his looks.

    But behind Crawford's longevity has been hard work and help from others, including some dietary changes made by his wife.

    "I switched Capri Suns for water," Crawford said. "My wife made me, actually. She started changing my diet before I noticed she was changing it, to be honest with you. Like, I started eating more whole foods, better stuff. At first, it was like once a week. Then it was like four times a week."

    But Crawford also said he made sacrifices to hang around the NBA.

    jamal crawford 3"Staying in love. I think if you're in love, you're willing to do anything that comes with it. Whether that be foam roller or ice tub or Epsom salt bath or stretching, whatever it might be, getting extra shots up. If you wanna actually love the game like that, then you'll sacrifice.

    "If you're good to the game, the game is usually good to you."

    That youthfulness was on display Monday night against the Knicks, when Crawford racked up a career-high 14 assists (off the bench), helping the Suns beat the Knicks, 128-110.

    There is a lot of season left to be played, but even with the Suns winning three in a row, it doesn't appear as if they're heading for meaningful games soon. Crawford could ask for a trade to a contender if he wanted. He could aim for lofty stats, climbing further up on some leaderboards — he ranks 58th all-time in points, sixth all-time in made threes, and 25th all-time games played. 

    But those aren't Crawford's goals.

    "The love of playing trumps all of that, to be honest with you," Crawford said. "Even the day I retire, I'll still be playing somewhere."

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    Amazon/west elm lawsuit

    • Amazon has stopped selling certain designs in its furniture collection, Rivet.
    • The apparent change occurred after the designs were named in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Williams-Sonoma, parent company of West Elm.
    • The suit alleged that Amazon copied the designs in its own products, like in its Orb chair.
    • The product pages for the chairs in question are now returning an error message, as of Tuesday evening.

    Amazon has stopped selling some of its private-label Rivet furniture after it was accused of lifting the designs from another brand in a lawsuit filed in US District Court for the Northern District of California on Friday.

    West Elm, through its parent company Williams-Sonoma, has accused Amazon of creating "knockoffs" of the designs of three of its patented chairs, including the Orb Dining Chair, the Orb Office Chair, and the Slope Leather Swivel Office Chair.

    "'Rivet,' an Amazon furniture and housewares product line, sells knockoffs of WSI’s [Williams-Sonoma, Inc's] popular West Elm brand products," the plaintiffs allege in the suit.

    In court documents, Williams-Sonoma lawyers noted the shape and size similarity of both companies' products, as well as the marketing of it with the same words: orb and slope.

    Amazon west elm

    "It is implausible Amazon could have conceived of a product line with nearly identical product designs which feature product names containing the very same non-descriptive terms WSI uses in connection with these products, other than by intentionally undertaking to copy WSI’s West Elm product line," Williams-Sonoma says in court filings. 

    As of this writing, the Amazon product pages for all three Rivet chairs now return error messages, complete with Amazon's famous 404 dog pictures.

    An Amazon spokeswoman declined to comment on the lawsuit, but agreed the products seem to no longer be for sale.

    West Elm introduced its Orb and Slope chairs in 2016. Amazon released its Rivet line of furniture in late 2017, and according to the suit, it started selling its Slope and Orb chairs in March.

    SEE ALSO: Amazon reportedly wants to curb selling 'CRaP' items it can't profit on, like bottled water and snacks

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    Blythe Masters

    • Blythe Masters has stepped down from her role as CEO of blockchain company Digital Asset Holdings for personal reasons.
    • Masters is a former JPMorgan executive and one of the biggest names in the blockchain industry.

    Blythe Masters, one of the biggest names in the blockchain space, has stepped down from her role as CEO of distributed ledger technology provider Digital Asset Holdings. 

    The news came in a release from the company on Tuesday, which said Masters, who has served as Digital Asset's CEO since 2015, requested to step down for "personal reasons."

    Prior to joining Digital Asset, Masters served as an executive at JPMorgan, helping to create the market for credit default swaps in the 1990s and later heading up its global commodities division. 

    After joining Digital Asset, Masters become one of the most recognizable faces and vocal proponents of the benefits of distributed ledger technology

    AG Gangadhar, who joined the company's board of directors in April, was named Board Chairman and acting CEO while a search commences for a permanent replacement, the release said. Masters will still serve as a company board member, strategic advisor and shareholder. 

    "Digital Asset has evolved from an ambitious idea to a truly global software engineering firm. We are fortunate to have a deep bench of accomplished executives on the management team and Board, including AG, who have the requisite experience to take the company to the next level," said Masters in a statement. "Having come to know and trust AG as an advisor and Board member, I am convinced that he brings what's needed to guide the company through its next phase."

    We got a hold of the note Masters sent to company staff following a town hall meeting Tuesday night:

    All, I want to add a personal note to the announcement which I know will have come as a surprise.

    I have three important things to say:

    Firstly, my belief in DA, and the potential for DLT is as strong as it has ever been. I remain a shareholder, advisor and board member and will be your eternal advocate.

    Second, I am grateful for and will be forever influenced by the experience of working with you over the past four years to build this amazing company. I hope you are as proud as you should be of everything you have achieved and for those just joining I hope you are as excited as you should be about the future opportunity to scale out the company. Third, having got to know AG as an advisor and board member, I am convinced that along with our talented management team, he has exactly the right experience to guide the transition of the company from a startup with an ambitious vision to a global software engineering powerhouse.

    Working as part of the DA family means the world to me, but I also work for my family's future and I need to focus on this for a while. My DA email will work until you're notified otherwise, but I will always be reachable on

    Stay in touch.



    See also:

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    mac and cheese

    • Macaroni and cheese is a comforting dish that can also be healthy.
    • Make simple swaps for the butter, milk, and pasta to lighten the dish.
    • Add items like lean protein and nutrient-rich veggies for a healthier, more flavorful mac 'n' cheese.

    There's nothing quite as comforting as diving into a rich, creamy bowl of macaroni and cheese after a long day. Truthfully, we'd probably all love to enjoy this dish several times a week, but as it is laden with butter, milk, cream, and cheese, macaroni and cheese isn't the healthiest meal out there.

    By playing with flavor combinations and ingredient swaps, you can add important vitamins and minerals while removing some of the heavier elements for more nutritious macaroni and cheese recipes that will nourish your body and soul.

    Here are some tips for making your mac and cheese healthier.

    First thing is first — choose homemade over boxed.

    The packets of processed, powdered cheese in varieties of boxed mac 'n' cheese, have been found to contain phthalates. Many believe the chemicals can disrupt hormones, but more research is needed, according to the CDC

    Either way, making your own mac and cheese is usually healthier and more delicious anyway. 

    Reap the nutritional benefits of leafy greens.

    Leafy greens offer a variety of nutrients. Greens like kale and spinach offer vitamins A, C, E, and K as well as fiber, calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium. 

    Swap pasta for whole wheat options.

    Whole wheat or whole grain pasta offers many more vitamins and minerals compared to white pasta. Alicia Romano, RD explained in Time that one cup of whole wheat pasta contains 23% of our daily fiber, while white pasta contains only 9%. Whole wheat pasta also provides 16% of your daily protein.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Growth Regtech Firms

    This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.

    Regtech solutions seemed to offer the solution to financial institutions' (FIs) compliance woes when they first came to prominence around 24 months ago, gaining support from regulators and investors alike. 

    However, many of the companies offering these solutions haven't scaled as might have been expected from the initial hype, and have failed to follow the trajectory of firms in other segments of fintech.

    This unexpected inertia in the regtech industry is likely to resolve over the next 12-18 months as other factors come into play that shift FIs' approach to regtech solutions, and as the companies offering them evolve. External factors driving this change include regulatory support of regtech solutions, and consultancies offering more help to FIs wanting to sift through solutions. Startups offering regtech solutions will also play a part by partnering with each other, forming industry organizations, and taking advantage of new opportunities.

    This report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, provides a brief overview of the current global financial regulatory compliance landscape, and the regtech industry's position within it. It then details the major drivers that will shift the dial on FIs' adoption of regtech over the next 12-18 months, as well as those that will propel startups offering regtech solutions to new heights. Finally, it outlines what impact these drivers will have, and gives insight into what the global regtech industry will look like by 2020.

    Here are some of the key takeaways:

    • Regulatory compliance is still a significant issue faced by global FIs. In 2018 alone, EU regulations MiFID II and PSD2 have come into effect, bringing with them huge handbooks and gigantic reporting requirements. 
    • Regtech startups boast solutions that can ease FIs' compliance burden — but they are struggling to scale. 
    • Some changes expected to drive greater adoption of these solutions in the next 12 to 18 months are: the ongoing evolution of startups' business models, increasing numbers of partnerships, regulators' promotion of regtech, changing attitudes to the segment among FIs, and consultancies helping to facilitate adoption.
    • FIs will actively be using solutions from regtech startups by 2020, and startups will be collaborating in an organized fashion with each other and with FIs. Global regulators will have adopted regtech themselves, while continuing to act as advocates for the industry.

    In full, the report:

    • Reviews the major changes expected to hit the regtech segment in the next 12 to 18 months.
    • Examines the drivers behind these changes, and how the proliferation of regtech will improve compliance for FIs.
    • Provides our view on what the future of the regtech industry looks like through 2020.


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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    feminist shirts wildfang

    All too often, products that say they're feminist are actually just mass produced goods that don't represent the principles and values that feminists hold dear.

    We've done the research to find feminist gifts that give back to women and children around the world, so you can feel good about the gifts you give. Some of the brands we've included donate a portion of the proceeds for every item purchased from their stores, while others have special collections of products that give back.

    No matter which gifts you choose from our guide, the feminist in your life will probably love the story behind them just as much as the gifts themselves.

    Most of these items are available with expedited shipping, and some should arrive within a few days' time, so don't stress too hard about your last-minute shopping — just remember that the sooner you order, the better your chances of a timely arrival.

    Looking for more gift ideas? Check out all of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides for 2018 here. Keep scrolling to check out the best feminist gifts that give back to women and children.

    SEE ALSO: All of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides, in one place

    Clothing and accessories that give 100% of the price to charity

    J.Crew Garments for Good Collection

    In honor of Giving Tuesday, J.Crew has partnered with Girls Inc., HRC, and charity: water to create special collections of products that give back. From November 27-29, J.Crew will donate 100% of each item's retail price to the corresponding charity.

    You can choose from 18 different styles, including sweatshirts, tote bags, T-shirts, and accessories for each charity. We love the Girls Inc. Sweatshirt, which says "girls" in several different languages.

    Girls Inc. is a nonprofit that was founded in 1864 to empower girls and young women from age 6 to 18. The charity provides "safe spaces, mentorship and programming to help them build lasting skills to succeed and create systemic change." 

    HRC and charity: water are also wonderful organizations to support. HRC works to ensure equal rights for LGBTQ people and charity: water provides fresh drinking water to those who don't have access to it.

    Gifts that are handmade by women artisans

    Shop all artisan handmade goods at Globe In 

    Globe In sells Fair Trade, handmade products that are produced in ethical working conditions by workers who are compensated fairly for their labor. Many of the workers are women who would otherwise have no employment or means of supporting themselves or their families. Each product description says where it was made and who made it. You can also read about the positive impact Globe In's special gift boxes have had on local communities.

    Feminist clothing that fights back with every purchase

    Shop all Wildfang clothing and accessories

    Wild Feminist Pride Edition T-Shirt, $30

    Wildfang was founded by a woman and continues to be run by women. The brand's offerings include cool basics, suiting, gender neutral apparel, as well as feminist clothing and accessories. We really love the Wild Feminist line, which includes T-shirts, beanies, button-up shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories. Wildfang makes a donation to select charities with every single purchase.

    "We walk the walk, giving back $400,000 and counting this year," Wildfang's website says, "In 2017, we helped raise over $75,000 for charities including Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Joyful Heart, and the Tegan and Sara Foundation ... Additionally, a percentage of all full price goods across our entire site go directly to a rotating monthly charity." You can see all the charities Wildfang has supported here.




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